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Even further beyond your means: Vancouver's new most expensive house

Say hello to my (not so) little friend: Vancouver's new most-expensive house

A view from the playground.
A view from the playground. You'll see.

Push it to the limit

I couldn't help myself...  I just had to check in on the most expensive house in Vancouver. Perhaps I'm just a glutton for punishment. So are you if you're reading this.

Well, it had a good run, but the "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" final-showdown house is no longer Vancouver's most expensive, and only wins the Silver Medal in terms of unaffordability. It's still on the market, though: the owner may want to consider, even for a moment, budging a bit on that $23.8 million asking price.

Let's keep things interesting and look at the other runners-up before checking out the new champion.

But first, 007, a drink. Vodka martini, perhaps?

2408 Halston Court is just off Chippendale Road, which is fitting, because you'd probably need to do things you wouldn't be cool telling your parents about in order to afford the property.

This place is more James-Bond-villain than El-Mariachi-villain. 6BR, 8 1/2BA, since your bladder may not last from one end of the house to the other. Such is the risk of navigating a 9,550-square-foot mansion.

It's futuristic, in sort of a 1960s sci-fi way. You'd have your own bar, which looks like the one found in Virgin Atlantic's first-class cabin:

Your own first-class bar

This place has an outdoor pool (which somehow reminded me of "Crank"), as well as its own cinema. Its own. Cinema.

Private cinema

(If you had the same budget to put toward a private island, this little beauty off the coast of Turkey would be your best bet at €17,000,000).

However, this place doesn't even make it onto the podium, priced at a mere $22 mil. To be honest, I only included it because of the awesome bar. 

Vancouver's actual third-most expensive house is at 4749 Belmont Avenue in Point Grey. What's weird is that MLS isn't even showing pictures of the house itself (claimed 2,600 square feet, built in 1937, but the satellite view suggests a larger structure). The property is being marketed as a tear down, a place to "build your dream mansion". 

It's $22.8 million, taking the Bronze Medal by only 3%.

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