Dr.Vanessa Brcic, a board member at Canadian Doctors for Medicare, stood beside Wollard and added that the purpose of the protest was to call Day to the table.

Dr.Vanessa Brcic of Canadian Doctors for Medicare spoke to media outside the Cambie Surgery Centre. Photo by Beth Hong.

"Solutions are possible in the public system," she said, citing studies that conclude a two-tiered system is more costly in the long run than universal health care system. "We would like Brian Day to come back to the table in the public system to help think about how we can better deliver care to patients and access to care for everyone, not just the wealthy few."

Day will take Medical Care Act to court

Day refuted Brcic's claims, stating that it was "nonsense."

"Any patient who leaves the public queue opens up space for others," he wrote in an email to The Vancouver Observer. He also said that he had no intention of meeting with the Doctors for Medicare and BC Health Coalition  after debating with them 'for years.' "The BC Health Coalition is simply a union lobby group (funded by unions), and the Doctors for Medicare is a fringe minority group that should (as I reference in the attachment) reflect on their ethics and morals in supporting a system that causes patients to die on wait lists."

Day launched a lawsuit against BC health minister Michael de Jong and the attorney general on July 31, challenging the constituionality of the Medical Protection Act.