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My company raises tens of thousands of dollars for Olympic athletes simply by introducing companies with money to needy athletes. We have a long list of athletes in dire need and many who are 2010 Olympic contenders who would love to hook up with Chip Wilson of lululemon.

Athletes love it when the money comes straight to them and doesn’t pay COC or IOC salaries.

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Back in 2005 lululemon bid to be an official Olympic athletic supplier, but HBC outbid them. Too bad. If lululemon would have won the right to dress Olympic athletes just think of all those hot looking Olympic Canadian champs standing on the podium with lululemon camel toe and bulging packages. Tiger Woods would have bumped his face on the tv screen knocking out a tooth.


lululemon is about to make Olympic sport sexy. Real sexy.

Thank God. I don’t think I can take one more red mitten or scratchy striped wool blanket. The red mittens remind me of the red ink Vancouver is bleeding over the 2010 Olympics, and the wool blankets remind me that a once-proud Canadian institution is now owned by Americans. Nothing against Americans. I love you guys. It just sucks that we couldn’t even hang on to an enterprise that literally carved out the birth of Canada.  FYI, Chip and his staff still retain 51% of lululemon. Yanks own the rest.

Thankfully, sport sexy is about to be the hottest fad since the four minute mile. Thank you Chip.

Aww don’t roll your eyes. The Olympics has tried desperately to go sexy for years. The IOC kicked it off with the skimpy volleyball bikinis they “forced” women to wear, and just recently, although I don’t think VANOC had a direct hand in it, an enterprising Vansterdam drug lord stamped his LoveDrug “E” pills with the five Olympic rings.

Collectively it all spells  S E X  kids. And let’s not forget the tasteful calendars of naked Olympic athletes. Heh! I just thought of something, if female ski jumpers agree to jump naked will Dr. Rogge add women’s ski jumping to the 2010 roster of events?


Peace Love Dove

In February it’ll be 4th Ave Hippie Dippy Days all over Vancouver. Free Love.

It’s also not a coincidence VANOC will distribute ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND CONDOMS to Olympic athletes and officials.

Someone is going to get fucked … and lululemon is priming the pump.


I promised in my last article I’d tell you how you too can pull off a lululemon.

Practically, it’s a lot easier than you think. The hard part is being creative and following the letter of the law. I recommend in my blog and book, Leverage Olympic Momentum, that when you develop a strategy like this you should go to the edge of the legal line and pull back a bit to ensure the IOC can’t find a lame excuse to harass you. Better safe than sorry, and from what I can see regarding the lululemon campaign, Chip followed my advice to the letter.

Even though Chip is colouring well within the lines, CTV, the official Canadian 2010 broadcaster is spinning the story of lululemon’s new sport clothing line in a way that makes it seem that what they are doing is wrong. A source CTV uses in their story, Keith McIntyre, President of K Mac & Associates, an advertising company, said “the public should expect more of this type of ambush marketing,” but interestingly CTV fails to tell us this expert source is also an Olympic supplier, who is of course biased. There is no doubt these two companies think it’s a bad thing because strategies like this have a negative impact on their revenue.

The Vancouver Sun, another Olympic partner with a vested interest also wags their finger at lululemon implying campaigns like this take the food right out of the mouths of Olympic athletes. This allegation is completely unfounded. It's more accurate to say that athletes are starving because official Olympic organizations and sponsors are greedy and they don’t deliver to athletes what they lead the public to believe.

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