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Canada Post gets back to work

Eager snail mail awaiters can expect to start seeing Post Canada trucks parked in front of their yards as early as tomorrow.

It's back to work for Canada Post. The mailboxes are to be unsealed today and post offices are to resume with regular hours and operations tomorrow, according to the Canada Post statement online.

"With unprocessed mail in the system and accumulated mail received from other countries that has not yet entered our system, it will take some time to stabilize our operations and to return to our normal delivery standards," read the Post statement.

"Any mail in the system at the time of the work disruption has been secured for processing and delivery."

Are people pumped?

"Well I find it ironic that it just so happens that William and Kate are coming to Canada for a visit really soon. It wouldn’t look very good for Mr. Harper not having his country under control now would it? And what a shame it would be for the Royals have to see all those people picketing. Shame! Shame! What a crock the Conservative party is. NDP here I come. You have my vote," commented "miffed" on the Post Canada site.

"I’m happy to get back to work, looking forward to our medical (Great West Life) being reinstated. Anyone know when that will happen, or if it will happen?" Dean Walton asked. 

"I am so tired of dealing with these strikes having now been in an industry that depends on efficient mail delivery for the past 30 years. After every strike, I watch my livelihood dwindle just a little more while postal workers get better wages, better benefits and then complain when it’s not enough. Get with the real world, guys and gals," wrote Randy.

"I like the way Harper 'unreports' what happens to hundreds of millions of tax dollars. I guess the new prisons will be full of unreported criminals. At least there’ll be no trouble getting the criminals their mail," said Jim.

"It galls me when MY tax money is used to give YOU better work conditions than me while I continue to struggle on through the mess you make. Just be happy you HAVE a pension and a decent wage."

"You think this is going to gain some weird sympathy from the public? The union screamed bloody murder when the mail stopped moving, but now it’s ok for the union thugs to hold it up??" added another.

"Do not worry, postal strikers, battles need to be fought even when they are hopeless. I did get the impression that Management didn’t exactly get away with a clean slate out of it, everybody saw the difference between the rotating strike days and the lock-out ones… Anyway, keep fit to fight another day, as this system cannot go on indefinetely…" said italian job.

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