Protestor Adam Quirk to use Vuvuzela's sound pollution on BP hq

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If Adam Quirk has his way, protestors in London will soon have a new weapon against the British Petroleum Corporation: the Vuvuzela. The Vuvuzela, in case you haven't been watching the World Cup in South Africa, is a plastic horn blown constantly throughout a match.

When blown, the horn belches 127 decibels of irritating B flat monotone. Quirk hopes to set up a battery of the horns and target the London headquarters of BP with a tidal wave of sound pollution, a sweet irony in light of the oil giant's ongoing gulf coast spill. 

The City of Westminster, adjacent to London's historical financial district (called "the City"), is the heart of BP's operations and the home of its top-brass. The protest will attempt to bombard them for a full day. Quirk hopes to position nearly 1,000 Vuvuzelas for the protest. For Londoners and passers-by then, an investment in 'vuvu-stops' (earplugs) might be prudent. 

This ambitious, if not positively timely and unique form of protest has an unlikely source in Quirk. 

"I'm just a regular guy, 31 years old, getting married in a couple months. Originally from the midwest, I moved to NYC 6 years ago. I have never led a protest," he says. 

Despite his thin protest credentials, Quirk has been relatively successful organizing the horn battery. The original goal set was $2,000. “One thousand dollars was for the vuvuzela protest and $1,000 for the Gulf Disaster Fund.” This was easily surpassed.

The 426 supporters of Quirk's proactive theatrics have propelled donations to triple the original goal-- at $6,846 as of July 7, 19:00 EST. With more money, more droning, irritating buzzing will be hurled at BP executives. 

"We have two big new pledges in today, trying to rally up to $10K before the end of the project today at 7pm EST. Ben Huh of Cheezburger Network pledged $1,000, and pledged $2,000. Plus they're going to send a professional video crew to cover the event."

VO’s got the scoop on the cogs turning for Adam:

VO: What kind of short term and long term affects do you hope to see from this demonstration of vuvuzelas in front of the BP HQ?

AQ: I’m hoping to keep a bit of pressure on BP, release a bit of tension, and exact a bit of revenge, all in one swoop. Long-term, the money raised will help keep legal pressure on BP to do the right thing with the situation they caused in the Gulf. The Gulf Disaster Fund is responsible for bringing BP to court when they started burning sea turtles, for example.

VO: How many hours is one day's effort going to be? How will the commencement be like? Unified or play as you wish etc.

AQ: The one-day effort will likely be only a couple hours. Initially my hopes were to keep a steady Vuvuzela cacophony droning on for days until the well was capped, but that is logistically impossible and probably not very useful or welcome in the area by the innocent passers by. But just a couple hours should be just enough to get someone's attention at BP.

VO: What kind of organizers do you need to make this possible?

AQ: I need as much help as I can get. I'm not going to use any of the funds to fly to London myself, so I'm in need of some trustworthy, get-shit-done kind of people who can  1) buy vuvuzelas (I'll give them the money), 2) distribute vuvuzelas at a certain time and place, and 3) lead a short march from the distribution point to the concert venue [BP].

If anyone reading this fits that bill, please contact Adam [email protected] 

VO: This oil spill is a historical catastrophe that will have lasting effects on people worldwide. What remedial efforts would you say were the major hits and misses from BP?

AQ: A hit would be the $20B relief fund, although that was obviously coerced. Misses would be everything else. They have botched every aspect of the aftermath, from failed cleanup, to failed capping of the well, to failed PR whatever that's worth. Disaster after disaster. I wouldn't trust them to run a lemonade stand.

VO: What made you decide that an "in your face" exclamatory horn-blowing statement needed to be made?

AQ: Tony Hayward. His cool, calm, careless face in the congressional hearings made me want to shove a vuvuzela up his ass. This is the next best thing.

Oil is seen inside protective booms around Queen Bess Island off the coast of Louisiana (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) 

Marine reef ecologist Scott Porter works to remove oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill off his hands in the Gulf of Mexico south of Venice, La. (AP Photo/Eric Gay) 

A dead jelly fish floats in oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill, in the Gulf of Mexico south of Venice, La. (AP Photo/Eric Gay) 

Sonja Daniel, who has a house on the Fort Morgan Peninsula, wears a mask as she sunbathes on the beach of the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge in Baldwin County, Ala. (AP Photo/Mobile Press Register, Kate Mercer) 

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