No Snow For Olympics Expected at Key Venues, VANOC Plans to Truck in Snow From Other Locations

It doesn't come as a  surprise to locals that VANOC faces a chilling, but not chilling enough fact: no snow is predicted between now and February 12. Not enough to cover over the muddy sections on Cypress Mountain where Olympic freestyle skiing and snowboarding events are to be held. 

An eighteen story set of bleachers has been constructed for viewing the great events (I think I got that figure right), and the show and the snow must go on regardless of the cost.  I understand that VANOC has been preparing for months for this eventuality, manufacturing snow like crazy and getting ready to truck it to the appropriate sites.

CBC reported the news yesterday evening and comments after the story indicate disgust by a public rocked by the level of need in Haiti following the earthquake and astonished by the untold millions that must go into manufacturing snow for an event like this.


A post by  powderflask summed it up:

 Powderflask wrote: "must add my voice to the choir here - this is a FARCE!

People are DYING in Haiti.
Our provincial government is closing schools and laying off teachers.
Our taxes keep going up at all levels of government.

But we are going to helicopter snow in so a few elites can watch a ski race?
I am disgusted by the whole affair - the Olympics make me sick."

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