Andrea Reimer on City Budget: "We Need to Talk to the Public"

Photo courtesy of Aaron Tam

Let's start with the light news.

Optimistic Councillor Andrea Reimer spoke at most recent Kitsilano public session talks about city budgeting today. Are we spiraling into an Alice in Wonderland abyss? The issue is still at large, $60-million of it, and quite frankly, Reimer stands firm that, "we need to talk to the public."

The buck stops here. Or does it?   

From 9 different budget talk meetings throughout the week, is there a summary to be made?

Reimer agrees that, "Generally speaking, people are quite happy to give input, and it has been interesting to see how much people understand in city budgeting." Or lack of it. Public sessions are made available to citizens.

"People who have come out have been interested and understand more." One man from Kitsilano mentioned: "Why don’t we pick up garbage on the side of the alley so traffic would have to drive half the distance." According to Councillor Reimer, that would require quite a lot of investigation.

Reimer sums up facts: There is a structural deficit.

"We are spending more than we have been bringing in for a few years. We need to get that more in whack. Besides, the per capita spending has been going up much faster than population and there are lots of different ways to do that. We need to get a sense from people to see their idea of city spending."

Now, with Councillor Cadman mentioning the people at the bottom being squeezed for transportation hikes, the province has made significant cuts to library spending and they require a significant amount of city discussion. "We need to talk to the public," he said.

The bottom line seems to lie in the citizens' hands. What the councillors do is pass the motion and write to the government that affects the city of Vancouver.

So, TAG---------who's it?

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