Harper and Trudeau duke it out for dollars in your inbox

Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau want your money. They ask for it in very different ways. Welcome to the end-of-year political fundraising blitz. Let's find out how effective political fundraising spam really is, and how much money Canadians pump into the election machine.

These people want your money. Some are less shy about asking for it than others.

Which fundraising scheme reigns supreme?

When it comes to political campaigns, Jessie J could not be more wrong: it most certainly is about the money, money, money. As 2013 comes to an end, Canada's political parties are fighting for whatever loose change you've not yet spent on ugly sweaters and New Year's Eve event tickets.

So these political parties are spamming us. It's quite literally the least they could do. Let's look at how the Conservatives, Liberals, Greens, and NDP are hitting you up for cash.

No follow-up questions, please

Here's the Conservative pitch, titled "Seize the moment". Following a weak summer, the Tories are looking to get their hustle back on. You can almost hear it as a TV ad, intoned by a middle-aged white guy.

Do you know which country has the strongest economy in the G7?
It's Canada.
That's something we should be very proud of.
We didn't get here by accident. It's taken seven years of strong leadership from Stephen Harper.
He made the tough choices – and the right choices – to get our economy on track.
Today, you have an important choice to make.
We need to make sure our Party is just as strong as our economy – or we risk losing the election to Justin Trudeau.
Do you really think Justin Trudeau could run our economy? I don't think so – he's in way over his head.
Make the right choice – donate $25 today, or whatever you can afford, to our Seize the Moment campaign.
You only have two more days to make your end-of-year donation and get a tax credit, worth up to 75% of your donation.
And we need your help to reach our $2 million goal by the end of this month.

Then there's a Donate button that leads to a broken web page. Maybe somebody should have tested that before spamming us. Also, invoking the tax credit reminds one of the "think of the savings" approach taken by Rob Ford, who is himself the product of a Conservative gerrymandering project. A boon for stand-up comedians and crack dealers, but not for too many others.

At any rate, the Conservatives are pitching their own version of Canada to everyday Canadians, hoping that we won't realize that the rest of the world doesn't respect us as much as Ottawa might hope. Perhaps it's because our entire economy hinges on giving stuff away, either free (water to Nestle) or at a Black Friday-caliber discount (tar sands activity).

The tone is somewhat condescending: basically, "Harper knows best, so let's just let him keep at it." Sorry, but this voter needs a more compelling argument. Then again, based on the nature of Sun News Network's programming, its audience is obviously not big on asking follow-up questions.

Underdog, Inc.

Now let's look at the Liberals. Justin Trudeau's party is sending this one around:

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