Quatchi Dons Brass Knuckles and Prepares to "Visit" Lululemon

I guess the Vancouver Olympic Committee (VANOC) feel they're not yet loathed enough by Vancouverites if being a cry-baby over Lululemon's latest clothing line is any indication. Now, I've had my...

Retiring Toronto Councillor Offers Words of Wisdom for Vancouver

Retiring Toronto City Councillor Kyle Rae is sick and tired of the hopeless fiscal situation of municipalities. The political retirement of veteran Toronto City Councillor Kyle Rae is not...

Olympic Art Freeze Silences Creative Critics

The hand of the Olympic brand is long, but is it long enough to change what artists make on the streets?

New VPD Policy on "Homeless Kidnap Act"

Here's the new VPD policy on the Province's Assistance to Shelter Act that purports to give police the power to force homeless people to the front doors of emergency shelters by using, um, force....

Dear Stephen Colbert

Dear Stephen Colbert: We are concerned about your plans to attempt to enter Canada after calling us "syrup-suckers" and "ice-holes" on your show. Are you aware of what befell your friend, Amy Goodman,

Copenhagen Climate Change Conference: 'Fourteen Days to Seal History's Judgment on This Generation'

This editorial calling for action from world leaders on climate change is being published today by 56 newspapers around the world in 20 languages. Today and tomorrow, 56 newspapers in 45 countries tak

Vancouver Police Chief Makes Bold Statement on Policy

  I think that it is a huge development for Vancouver Police Department Chief Jim Chu to in essence state that he will not be enforcing BC Minister of Housing and Social Development Rich...

Canwest Global Communication Free Daily Giveaways

Recently, I noticed a new occurrence taking place at the Waterfront station and that is,  not only are your local 24 Hours or Metro newspapers being given away, but employees of the once...

Olympic Brand Ambush Marketing is...(A) a Mortal Sin (B) Good Business Sense (C) None of the Above

If ambush marketing is as mortal a sin as the IOC claims, why did they partner with NIKE, bringing on board as an Olympic sponsor one of the most infamous ambush marketers of all time? Read on.

Threat of Pirate Invasions in Vancouver Quelled Just in Time for Winter Games!

The Vancouver Police Department now has a new toy originally developed as a way to disperse pirates, a problem most Vancouverites were probably not aware they were suffering from. My regular...