Gillian Bennett right to die assisted suicide

The right to die? B.C. physician reflects on Gillian Bennett's suicide

"I will take my life today around noon. It is time."

Tragedy of Malaysia Airlines crash is serving as pretext for deepening war by Kyiv gov’t in eastern Ukraine

The catastrophic crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine on July 17 is prompting a fury of speculative blame and intensification of shelling against cities and towns in eastern...

John Seigenthaler inspired young reporters to practice journalism as "fearless voice of people, public trust"

John Seigenthaler embodied the best of what journalism can be, "a fearless voice of the people, a public trust."

Climate change fuels both California's record drought and "polar vortex" storms

How bad is it? Take a look at the satellite images that rattled even the White House…
Kate Armstrong, director of Elily Carr's SIM program

Art attack: preserving affordable cultural spaces in Vancouver

How do we kick No-Fun City to the curb?

Amid oil-by-rail profit bonanza, safety and climate concerns loom large

Oil by rail is growing fast, but regulations and climate change concerns are causing some ripples in the industry.
BC Ombudsperson (left) and Premier Christy Clark

BC Ombudsperson slams province on environmental protection

Does the provincial government protect BC's waterways? So far, no. But the BC Ombudsperson has caught up with the neglect.

Stopping the fossil fuel juggernaut in its tracks

Will people be able to stand up against the Premier's "unbridled boosterism" of LNG?

How renewables and electric cars may give the climate new hope

The IPCC Report released this past week paints a bleak picture for the global climate in the 21st century. A range of human impacts are predicted, including food shortages, droughts, extreme weather...