On the Second Day of the 2010 Olympic Games, Hundreds Join the March for Missing and Murdered Women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

It was Valentine’s Day and hundreds spent it in the Women’s Memorial March downtown to honour the memory of the women from the Downtown Eastside who die each year due to violent physical, mental,...

Welcome home to Canadian health care, Premier Danny Williams; Now come clean about that visit to the US

The great majority of Canadian and U.S. citizens can’t afford to travel for brand-name surgery. And in Canada, they don’t need to worry about it because they can get very good care at home.

Setting the Record Straight on Violent Protest and the Olympics

“Will you go on record denouncing violent protest?” You can bet that any member of the Olympic Resistance Network, and most anyone publicly opposed to the Olympics, has heard that question at least...

Please Don't Stifle the Australians!

The Australian team, who are now in the Athletes Village, unfurled a flag of a Kangaroo with boxing gloves from their balcony. But it's not an official flag of the Olympics! Team spirit at an...

Olympic Denial

 The high mountains above the booming ground where I work in back water Howe Sound limit my walkman radio reception to CBC AM (except at night dumping barges). Mr Olympic Promo Man Rick Cluff...

A Dirty Book is Rarely Dusty

With the first article of many, here’s my promise: I’ll tell you some tales from the crypt, and I’ll leave the dated sex tips to Cosmo.

Human Trafficking Alive and Well for the 2010 Olympics

The Salvation Army is set to launch a huge campaign against human trafficking during the Olympics because, “God is bigger than VANOC.”

Public Displays of Affectation: Dave Zirin on the Olympics

Dave Zirin is a rare animal indeed, and a bit of a shit disturber. He's a "political" sports writer who isn't willing to let sports off the hook for it's potential leadership role in bringing social...

Signs, Snow, Whistler Bankruptcy, and Other Olympic-Sized Misadventures and Malfunctions

We learned this week that Fortress, the company that acquired Whistler-Blackcomb from a bankrupt Intrawest, is now in default to its creditors. The news sparked speculation that the resort might clos

Haiti Report: "No Water, No Food. People in Canada Would Have Rioted By Now..."

Haiti---The situation here continues to deteriorate with many people now out of water, and food. We just had another call from the Ethnology Institute at Champs de Mars in the Centre of the city...