The Conservatives don't have this one

I urge everyone who’s reading this to contact Rob Nicholson and include a link or two about this Robert Pickton fellow and the zany case of how he got away with murder for so long.

Gary Collins, we hardly knew ye

Up next at the BC Rail trial, former minister and current lobbyist Gary Collins?

Time to focus on Facebook literacy in our education system

The viral outbreak of images from the recent unfortunate teen rape in Pitt Meadows underscores the need for the public education system to take a proactive leadership role in developing curriculum...

They fight, they ridicule, they spew vitriol. They're Canada's politicians!

Instead of delving into complex issues, parliamentarians often answer their own questions, leaving the interrogated minister no choice but to rise and respond with “liar”, “dishonourable”, or a combin

Gordon Campbell says early HST referendum is best

There are a lot of strong voices supporting an early referendum on the HST. But none as powerful as Gordon Campbell’s, arguing in the original debate on the bill.

NPA dreams vanish in the cold, hard light of day

The NPA/Citycaucus braintrust spins good news from a recent poll. The truth is that the poll is devastating to NPA chances.

What BC Rail and the HST have in common

A great deal...

Blogging under fire

If bloggers are to be taken seriously as journalists—an objective that surely all my blogging peers would strive for—they must be held accountable for what they publish. And when they aren’t, bad-appl

Irrelevant, removed

A paranoid CityCaucus blog and a reputable City Hall reporter... What next?

Where to lay the blame in the Manila hostage debacle? Everywhere.

On Tuesday, a little after 12:30 AM in the Philippines, recently-elected Philippine President Benigno Aquino III stepped up to the podium in Manila to comment on the crisis that had begun nearly...