Rape is rape

Public stoning of rape victims next policy Republicans have up sleeves?

BC has one week and one chance to delay Canada-China treaty: treaty expert to Clark

October 22 To: Premier Christy Clark, BC Envirnoment Minister Terry Lake From: Gus Van Harten Dear Premier Clark and Minister Lake, I wrote to Premier Clark by email on October 10, 2012 urging her to...

Back to the future of the post-carbon world

In case you're wondering how it all turns out...

14 reasons why Canada-China investment deal needs more time, debate

An open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister of International Trade Ed Fast from an international investment law expert about his concerns with FIPPA.

The John Furlong defamation case and Canadian libel law

Why John Furlong has an uphill battle in the courts.

We need to be better guardians of where we live

The view from the plane revealed the vast beauty of Canada...

Rachel Carson and the birth of modern environmentalism

Rachel Carson’s courage ignited an ecological awareness that burns to this day. Her book, Silent Spring, alerted society of its relationship to the environment.

Voter supression American-style explained by Sarah Silverman: video

"Our hope is that this video sheds light on the ways in which voter ID laws suppress voting, particularly from certain constituencies," says Mira Orek, a campaign strategist, associated with the film...

Motion 312: an attack on Canadian women's right to choose

Canada is one of the few countries in the world with no legal restrictions on abortion, but women’s reproductive rights are being insidiously attacked in Motion 312.

Arrested, handcuffed, proud

I didn’t want to be standing on the railroad tracks in White Rock on a hot sunny day. I would have much rather been playing with my daughter or going for a hike. But as I stood with 12 colleagues on...