BC’s natural gas play: a climate charade

Experts now call natural gas the "bridge fuel to nowhere." BC must choose between its expansion of natural gas for export and its own climate credibility.

$8 million for the War of 1812

Such misguided vanity, giving the beaver a gun.

Opinion: BC Liberals must pull government ads in lead up to 2013 election

IntegrityBC is calling on the BC government to recommit to its 2009 ban on non-essential government advertising in the four months prior to voting day. 

Dear Sheryl Sandberg: Stop child predators from using Facebook for cyberstalking

Amanda Todd's mother, Carol, along with children's singer Raffi and other concerned citizens urge Facebook's COO to fix systemic design defects to protect children from predators.

Vancouver's municipal “super PACS”

Ninety-eight per cent of donations to Port Coquitlam council came from unions and corporations.

The wonder of small things

About that ebook, "Extract: The Pipeline Wars, Vol. 1 Enbridge", Jenny and I have been working hard with designer Marc Baumgartner on finishing touches.  The ebook will be released soon on...

Researcher compares embattled pipeline project to "leftover single women"

Yes, Globe and Mail reporter, it's jarring. Blatant misogyny always is.

In the wake of Sandy

The connections between sea level rise and sediment movement in coastal areas could be a problem for flooding and climate change.

Don’t be fooled by the spin on the Canada-China treaty

There's a lot of spin about the Canada-China investment treaty, but Canadians should not be fooled into the deal, says Gus Van Harten.

Mitt Romney and the trouble with godly men

Mitt made a mockery of his claim to godliness.