In Vancouver, a hundred percent opposed to Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline at JRP hearings

At the National Energy Board Joint Review Panel on "EnGate", depth, passion and respectful listening characterized a flawed but vital democratic process.

Failed apocalypse cries out for stupidity award

Many concerned citizens went to great lengths in preparation for the Mayan apocalypse of 2012. For the record, it didn’t happen. And while most of us are simply left with an overstocked pantry full...

A logic lesson from the gun debate

A couple of days ago, I was walking my dog when a good friend of mine texted me that he had just seen a story on CNN about professor James Tracy and his theory that the Sandy Hook massacre never...

The Journal News Gun Map: open vs. personal data

As many readers are likely aware two weeks ago The Journal News, a newspaper just outside of New York city, published a map showing the addresses and names of handgun owners in Westchester and...

Best Vancouver Observer graphics of 2012

Best of VO graphics this year from Barry Saxifrage, Craig Fleisch, Jennifer Ku, Hanna Stefan, Mindy Chapman, and Zi-Ann Lum

Som Sabadell Flashmob

Over the next week, the Vancouver Observer staff will bring you a selection of our favourite videos of 2012.  Here's one of mine, via Ruth Ozeki, the Som Sabadell Flashmob video.

Vanishing point: how police forgot the women they couldn't see

A former Crown prosecutor familiar with police investigations, warrant applications and the criminal charge approval process explains why the Pickton investigation went horribly wrong.

We've published a great new book and are throwing a launch party!

We've published an amazing book on the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway: two days before the JRP hearings hit Vancouver, we're celebrating. And you're invited.

Why women are angry over the Missing Women's report

Yesterday's release of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry report was an emotional event that did little to guarantee justice for victims.

China’s super-rich and the Vancouver economy

Since the 1950′s Vancouver has been one of the most desirable destination for Chinese emigrants.   But with the growing wealth in the country, the impact of Chinese wealth has never been more...