Religion has no place in same-sex marriage debate

The strangest thing happens when you bring up the idea of gay marriage. Straight people start complaining about how it effects them. I have always struggled to understand how same-sex marriage could...

Some technical terminology for the gun debate

With over 2,000 gun deaths in the U.S. since Sandy Hook, it is time to lay down a bit of technical language.

BC pot industry vulnerable to Silicon Valley disruption

Transformation of U.S. marijuana regulations will be felt by Vancouver pot markets.

Barry Saxifrage's Climate Snapshot goes viral, and VO's Jan-Feb numbers

Climate Snapshot writer Barry Saxifrage's Arctic "death spiral" leaves climate scientists shocked and worried went viral last month and it got people talking. The conversation around Barry's...

BC Election 2013: How the Liberals plan to stomp the NDP

In Victoria next Tuesday, Finance Minister Mike de Jong is expected to rise in the Legislature and tell BC that life, and the provincial economy, is supernaturally great. But is this really the case?

Why Canadians should care about pipeline protests at the White House

This weekend, thousands of people will be out front of Barack Obama's White House to protest the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline -- a 1,879 kilometer length of pipe that will allow oil to be...

Carrie Saxifrage's introduction to upcoming series on Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal

“Super Natural” British Columbia is a magical place. Ten thousand years ago, people, plants and animals filled in behind retreating glaciers to create a generous land. The ocean lavishly fertilized...

Republicans and Iranian government in heated idiot contest over women's and animal rights

Well, folks, it is officially heating up. And I’m not referring to this non-event of a winter we’ve had. The race for dumbest jerk on the planet is in full swing, with Republicans and the Iranian...

Canada makes early push for 2013 World Cup of Stupidity

When I called for a World Cup of Stupidity, you probably thought I was joking. You may have looked at other jokes within the same article and thought “Oh, I guess he’s just kidding here as well.” No...

M-O-N-E-Y: Why government investment in culture pays off

Investing in arts and culture brings in millions in revenue to the city: lessons for Vancouver.