Report finds that the best way to manage strong networks is to relax Big Telecom’s grip

Independent research company BuddleComm has released a new report (sadly it’s expensive; if I were you I’d just read Phillip Dampier’s summary here) that looks at the best ways to connect everyone to...

How Canadians are using the Internet to debunk Big Telecom Spin

Big Telecom is up to its old tricks again. They’ve invested some of their record profits into an expensive PR campaign, including misleading full page newspaper ads, in a clear effort to try to...

Pain and cancer

A few nights ago I got up to have a bowel movement, a thing of great emotion these days; joy when it all goes well; deep, deep despair when all that my colon brings to the table is a series of...
Site 10a

Edgewater Casino resurrection: Paragon re-pitches BC Place deal

Renewed attempt to glue an expanded Edgewater Casino to the side of BC Place.

The importance of forgetting

We live in the Information Age so we should be able to adequately inform ourselves, make thoughtful decisions and act on matters of importance. We certainly have enough environmental problems to...

I double-dog dare Harper to ram through Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline now

Even with BC Premier Christy Clark's government firmly rejecting energy giant Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project, there is still an outside chance that Prime Minister...
Peace Bridge

Andrew Cuomo vs Canada: No fighting on the Peace Bridge!

The Peace Bridge is a contentious place.
Crackstarter: image from indiegogo campaign

Recent Supreme Court ruling makes fighting back hard for Toronto mayor

Things get worse for Rob Ford: he can't sue the Star or Gawker for libel over crack-smoking stories.

Sandy Garossino BC Provincial politics analysis: video

Sandy Garossino on why nice guys finish last, the kids we've brought up not to vote, and how the BC Liberals will manage the beginning of year 16 in power.