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Ghomeshi must have faced "literal line-up of young women prepared to do anything the artist wants"

Readers write in with their reactions to the Jian Ghomeshi story.  Comments begin with "The Sorrow of Celebrity."

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I don't give a damn about his bedroom activities but, his annoying show took up far too much radio time. Good ridance!

Double standards and double quotes

Firstly this article repeats the "I'd like to ..." quote twice.   This is only necessary if the writer wished to make sure you heard it to reinforce the perceived "wrong" of the man.  Secondly did CBC not re-hire Ashley MacIssac and featured him on "My Play List" after his rather abhorrent sexual perversions "when he revealed a penchant for pissing on young boys". I have met many people in this great country who have styles of life and sexual idiosyncrasies that make my head spin.   But none of this should have allowed CBC to expel him. In fact, in my personal experience, it is women who play their sexuality in the most insidious and malicious manners.   Men want to get laid sure, but women know this and some use this to an extremely unfair advantage, even setting men up for major trouble.   Might this not be what Jian is facing?  I don't know and nor do most everyone.   However if I was to use my personal experience of 56 years and a few relationships, I wouldn't put much immediate faith in the word of an accusatory woman, especially in this case of next to nothing for any evidence of any kind. I hope he gets the 50 million.   No one should be subject to this type of abuse.   My ex mom in law tormented me for years after I refused her.   And I listened to how her daughter and her girlfriends abused men before she met me.   This is not a one way street, abuse and sexual perversions.   How can CBC justify featuring Ashley after all?   The whole story is disturbing and the repeat of the "alleged quote" is further abuse against Jian by this publication.

Jian Gomeshi


It kind of hints of the pro-war (S & M with Middle Eastern nationals) politics of our Federal Government these days.  Two mutual governments (Canada and America) agree to take out the leaders of Libya and Syria....and with their drone, airforce, and mercenary strikes, leave plunder, armed revolt, assassinations and domestic instability in the targeted ME  nation.  We have witnessed a 'manufactured consent' to war....and yet we consider ourselves consenting adults.

Jian G

Last week Canadians were all patting themselves on the back about what a great, tolerant and caring nation we are.  Yet now, so many are content to rush to judgement about Mr Ghomeshi, without any evidence other than hearsay, which may well be slander.  There is no doubt he has been hugely damaged, but also CBCs brand has, and I would say they have handled this matter extremely poorly.  If this story is true, which I tend to believe, based on his writings and intelligent and empathic interviews, then he has indeed been grievously and unfairly harmed, and is being tried in the public.  Clearly the complainant was someone who was involved in this relationship and sexual behaviour repeatedly over a lengthy time, and yet there was no one forcing her to go back for more, and no one stopping her reporting to the police.People should suspend judgment just because they don't share the sexual tastes.  I have no interest in the details of the sexual preferences of any public figure or media writer, and I resent the CBC having behaved in such a way that Mr Ghomeshi felt he had no choice but to share these details with the world.  Mr Ghomeshi should be considered on the basis of his talents and abilities, not on his sexual proclivities.  How hypocritical that they Fifty Shades of Grey books have won such giant profits, and yet we're all collectively ready to crap on someone who practices bondage and whatever.

I think Stephen Harper should


I think Stephen Harper should use the notwithstanding clause to legislate what people can and cannot do in the bedroom. This is a major scandal and people have been hurt.

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