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Ghomeshi must have faced "literal line-up of young women prepared to do anything the artist wants"

Readers write in with their reactions to the Jian Ghomeshi story.  Comments begin with "The Sorrow of Celebrity."

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Jian Ghomeshi

I find it very troubling that he seems to be assumed to be guilty based on a theory that women always tell the truth and men lie.  These women in their late 20's have not laid charges, gone to the police or otherwise followed due process. Instead they went to the internet and a free lance muck-raker. As a woman I am not impressed with groupies who go back for more of what they are now describing as "sexual abuse".  I find it insulting to Western women in this day and age that attractive and successful women are being described as Victims because they were attracted to Jian. This is not Saudi Arabia and we have the freedom to make healthy choices.I think CBC has acted irresponsibly. Stephen Smart was found in conflict of interest since he's married to Christy Clark's P.R. person, and the CBc decided to ignore the ruling and kept him on. I'm much more concerned with biased reporting from our public broadcaster, than someones sexual habit.


Sorry for the inappropriate description of Mr Ghomeshi's character or at least sorry that it can't be posted.  Understandable.  I shouldn't have used the name of a personal cleaning device to describe his character.  Except, that he is indeed a $&?!)*.  In his Facebook post he finishes off by stating that he has "been a good solider and has worked hard to make his country proud of him".  Comparing himself, a well paid entertainment host (no, he is not a journalist) to a solider is inaccurate at best.  Actually it's quite pathetic. Some may say smart.  What better way to drum up sympathy than to close his defence by dropping the term solider in wake of the murder of Canadian solider only days ago.  And suing the CBC for $50 million dollars??  One years' salary may be called for depending on whether these allegations can be proven but a company does have the right to fire someone, it's the severance package that would be in question.  And lest we not forget, when he sues the CBC, he is in essence suing the taxpayers of Canada.  After all this is a publicly funded corporation.  So those quick to defend Jian may want to take a moment before coming to the defence of someone who has been accused by four women of physical, mental and verbal abuse.  His sexual preference for S & M is of course his right but last time I checked S & M does not involve punching, suffocating and issuing threats.  There is a different term for that, abuse, and it is illegal.  Bravo to CBC for letting Mr Ghomeshi.  Shame on the CBC for allowing one of the victims, an ex CBC employee, to quit due to the toxic environment created by Mr Ghomeshi.

Jian Ghomeshi in the workplace

I am an older woman, but this brings back memories of my years working in an office right out of school. I was young, attractive, and wore stylish clothing. Some men in the company assumed they had the right to 'talk dirty' to me, put their hands where they didn't belong, or suggest we connect after work, even though they were 30 years my senior and married.  Mr. Ghomeshi's suggestion to his female colleague (if true) is disgusting and he deserves to be fired for that alone.  No woman, no matter how attractive or how young, should be spoken to in an office setting like that.  

There are news stories daily about women being murdered by their husband/boyfriend. Women have historically been abused and mistreated by men (not all men, of course!).    Women must stand up for their dignity and rights.   I agree with his employer's decision to fire him. At 47, if he hasn't learned to treat women in the workplace with respect, he needs a bit of time off and public humiliation.

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