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Ghomeshi must have faced "literal line-up of young women prepared to do anything the artist wants"

Readers write in with their reactions to the Jian Ghomeshi story.  Comments begin with "The Sorrow of Celebrity."

How does celebrity affect the power relationships between people?
Anyone who has worked as a music journalist in backstage all-access environments has witnessed a literal line-up of young women prepared to do anything the artist wants, just to get on the bus. The artist's handlers pick out the best endowed and best-looking and usually the youngest, because they say "yes" without fully understanding the implications to their own self-esteem or emotional stability.
In a world gone mad with salacious interest in the private lives of anyone even slightly famous, this abuse of status goes mostly unchecked. Young girls are often happy to comply because it will increase their status amongst their peers. And that is the sadder story.  About thirty years ago, when the nascent porn industry was sending its slippery tentacles via VHS 'privately' into willing lives, porn stars were still not who you'd invite to be your bridesmaid. Now porn is the norm. Young women often feel that in order to be 'sexy' they've got to perform, or be passed over.  This whole story speaks to how the 'divine feminine' in nature, in business, and in our daughters has been brutally denied. Who speaks for the rights of women to be protected and respected in the face of celebrity entitlement?  Certainly, not Jian Gomeshi.
by Jana October 27th 2014 | 2:14 PM

From the the archives of : CBC"There's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation." Those unforgettable words made famous by Pierre Trudeau in 1967 caused a tidal wave of controversy that rippled across the entire nation. Trudeau's Omnibus Bill brought issues like abortion, homosexuality and divorce law to the forefront for the first time, changing the political and social landscape in Canada forever.Ooops... CBC could be in for a fight! Jian will have: his-day-in-court.


Read the story/blog that supposedly started all this []. At a minimum, it sounds like celebrity has gone to his head and he likes to get pushy about getting what he wants. I knew Ghomeshi had been coy and private about his sexuality in the past. Given his obsessiveness about David Bowie and other 'clues', I, like the author Carla, assumed he was gay. Apparently not.This whole business is messy and will get messier before it is resolved. I hope too many are not smeared by the fallout. Ghomeshi is a great interviewer. He will get work somewhere.


Everything about this is salacious. I hope we don't become the laughing/Twitter stock of the world. This whole mess should simply sink back into the muck from whence it came.For shame, Ghomeshi...


I do not want my tax money supporting an organization that would fire someone simply because he or she has an interesting sex life, its no ones business and as long as nothing criminal has occurred it should never have any bearing on someones employment. 


grtblu October 27th 2014 | 2:14 PM

New name for the guy:  "I-am GoMessy" 

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