Dems Suffering Post Traumatic Sarah Disorder

There's something weird going on with the Hillarites. In the last few days I've had three disturbing discussions with three very different people and I think it's time for an intervention.

All three of them, my 82 year old aunt in the NJ suburbs, a 60 year old stranger I met in East Hampton and a 40-something gay male friend, said they were actually thinking of NOT VOTING this election. They really didn't like McCain but they weren't wild about Obama either and for some reason, their first impulse was to stay home on election day and not vote.

At first I thought, OK, they're suffering through PTSD: Post Traumatic Sarah Disorder! But when I quizzed them more, it came out that they still hadn't fully recovered from Hillary's loss in the primary.

C'mon Democrats! Let's not to shoot ourselves in the foot again. Obama may not rock your boat the way Hillary did, but he's an intelligent, strategic, (and yes, Joe Biden, clean and well-spoken) guy who ran a kick ass primary campaign, he's not that inexperienced. If you're still sore about that you really must get over yourselves, because there is less than one millimeter of a difference between their positions on every key issue. Besides, none of you loved Gore (c'mon admit it; it wasn't until he made the movie that you really got behind him) or Kerry, and yet you still voted for them.

What I find odd is that just a few months ago, we were thrilled that the race was so tight. The fight was going to energize the party and really give us an abundance of riches. We had our favorites, but we all whispered that either candidate would be a fine choice. But now we're having a crisis of excellence! He's ok, but she'd be great, and if I can't get great, I don't want any.

Is this for real? Or are we just doing that same ol' Democratic dance again?

Here are some of the criticisms landed about the Big O: He's too charismatic, too much of a preacher, too young, too inexperienced, too shallow. I object all the way around. When we had Kerry, he was too wooden. Youth? Bring it on. Anything's better than a 72 year old ex POW and the arrogant/ignorant person he chose to be his running mate. Could you imagine THAT in the White House if dear old John were to kick? Shallow? Have you read his position papers on health care, economics, education or energy? They are mind bogglingly intricate. Nothing McCain has floated can hold a feather to them.

So just this once, dear Dems, let's just pretend to be like Republicans. united, and get over our petty differences for the common good. The Republicans have had more than their fair chance to do something with their power and they've screwed things up royally: our exported economy, that stupid unnecessary war, the climate crisis, the Supreme Court. It's unthinkable that you could allow them back in power after the last 8 bungled years.

So, let's surprise ourselves just once, dear Dems by putting aside our petty grievances and by putting the party, the country, the future first. If Hillary can do it, you can too!

Joe Dolce, pictured below, is a Manhattan-based media consultant and an occasional adviser to The Vancouver Observer. First published on Huffington Post.

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