Poll results showing NDP surge no surprise to Libby Davies

Libby Davies

NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies isn’t surprised by Forum Poll results in the National Post, which suggest the NDP would form a minority government if there were a federal election today. 

The results of poll also showed that a strong majority of Canadians think the country suffers from a income gap, where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

In an email conversation with the Vancouver Observer, Davies said: “Conservatives are not reflecting the priorities and needs of Canadians. This is particularly notable in the current Budget Implementation Bill (C-38), which contains many, many offensive items.”

Bill C-38,  if passed, would bring sweeping changes to dozens of policy areas, including the environment, natural resources and human resources. It would amend or create dozens of laws, while cancelling other laws entirely, and has been the target of harsh criticism.

“Growing income inequality underlies many Conservative policies, as it did for the Liberal government before them."

Davies also noted that the income disparity was "acutely felt" in British Columbia.

"Just look at housing costs in Metro Vancouver, that impact lower wage earners, students, seniors, people on fixed incomes, and recent immigrants who are not investors,” Davies said.

The Forum Poll asked a sample of voting age Canadians and found the NDP is the declared preference of more than one-third, compared to less than one-third who chose the Conservative Party and one-fifth the Liberal Party.

If counted as actual ballots, the voting intentions would translate into a minority government for the NDP, according to Forum Research Inc.

“Many didn't think the NDP could ever become the Official Opposition -- but it happened," Davies said.

"We have to work hard to show there's a real alternative that is possible, to this harmful Conservative agenda. I believe more and more people are rejecting a neo-liberal, neo-conservative agenda, as a failed model for society." 

Davies added that her community office has received an increase in calls from people worried about pension eligibility changes, and EI changes that will make it more difficult to qualify for insurance.

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