Obama cancels Asian trip and BP's CEO continues to spew

The BP oil spill has spelled trouble for BP executives and shareholders, and the Obama Administration

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President Obama cancelled his trip to Asia and Australia on Thursday and instead visited the Gulf of Mexico region today. He made this decision in light of the tentative signs of progress being shown by the well cap in resolving the BP oil spill crisis.


Obama's decision came 45 days after Deepwater Horizon's wellhead began to spew crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico.  


Ape-sized gaffes

BP executives initially blamed Transocean, the company it had leased the drilling platform from, for not having included a safety valve in the platform. However, once it became clear that they had been fully aware of the platform's lack of a safety valve, they redirected their resources to a campaign of making themselves look like the good guys during a time of environmental crisis, when in fact they were just receiving government aid to clean up their own mess. BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward even compared the company's clean-up efforts to the space program in the 1960s.


Controlled burning of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

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The BP executives' initial efforts to control the oil spill have been as disastrous as the oil spill itself.  


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