David Vogt on technology and the future of humanity

A cosmic thinker talks with VO about the story of science.
Chocolate fondue and a few other favourites are making a comeback this summer

Food trends: What's hot this summer and what foods to watch

Twitter, fashion and weather aren’t the only things with trends. Food trendologist, Christine Couvelier, tells us what foods are currently trending and what foods to keep an eye out for.
Vancouver Cycle Chic

Vancouver's cycling style sense: Can Vancouver become Cycle Chic?

Spandex, Gore-Tex, lycra. Will Vancouver's cycling fashion sense ever change? Perhaps with the help of Vancouver Cycle Chic, Vancouver will finally put style before speed.
Vancouver's Italian Day on Commerical Drive

Vancouver's Italian Day on the Drive

The revived Italian Day on Commercial Drive was this Sunday. Check out what this festival had to offer.

Jenna Herbut of Make It! is revolutionizing craft fairs

Wanting to change the way people view craft markets, Jenna Herbut, along with her brother Chandler, created Make It! The largest independently owned craft and art event in Western Canada.

Whitewater Cooks with Friends: Interview with Shelley Adams

Whitewater Cooks with Friends is about sharing good food and recipes with those you love. This interview with Shelley Adams also includes a delicious and healthy salad recipe from her cook book.

Transgendered beauty queen Jenna Talackova makes history with Miss Universe debut

Transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova made her debut at the Miss Universe Canada beauty contest yesterday in Toronto. The Vancouver native has made history as the very first transgendered...

'The Dictator' Sacha Baron Cohen commends Stephen Harper for silencing media

The Dictator, aka Sacha Baron Cohen, applauds Stephen Harper for silencing the media and running an obedient country...and for his styling "wigs".

CODEPINK co-founder Jodie Evans on women in activism

North America's leading female activist says women are "first responders" when it comes to standing up for peace and justice.

At International Women's Day event, Judy Rebick examines feminism in the age of Occupy

The VDLC welcomed Canadian feminist activist and author Judy Rebick to its annual International Women's Day dinner, which looked at feminism in the age of the Occupy movement.