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The Imagination of Terry Gilliam

"God came to me at night and said 'do this or die.' When you've got a god that wants to watch movies and is bored with the shit that's being produced these days, He gets angry. He forced me to do it a

Up Close and Personal with the Extraordinary Mackenzie Gray

Last week I had the great pleasure of talking with one of Canada's most colorful and talented artists, Mackenzie Gray.   WD: So Mackenzie, can you tell us a little bit about yourself....

Conductor Ken Hsieh

“I always say conducting is 40 percent music, 20 percent technique, and 40 percent psychology---psychology in the sense of how you convince people to go with your idea,” Hsieh said. Conducting is mor

Little Mountain's Gentrification: An Interview With Vancouver City Councillor Ellen Woodsworth

I remember seeing Ellen Woodsworth at Main and 33rd supporting residents as they protested against the demolition of their homes. As time progressed, developers became more aggressive with their "...

Milun Tesovic: Local Web Entrepreneur Knows the Score

If you can't remember how that song goes, Milun Tesovic can help.

"Citizens Should Weigh in on Proposed City Budget Cuts Now," COPE Councillor Ellen Woodsworth Says

At the Media and Democracy Day Conference yesterday at the downtown Vancouver Public Library, COPE City Councillor Ellen Woodsworth urged citizens to go onto the City website and get familiar with...

Green Economies Thrive in Industrial Wastelands: An Interview With Majora Carter

Majora Carter grew-up in the South Bronx, which was burdened with  sewage treatment plants, power plants and 40% of New York City's solid waste. When the city tried to introduce another waste...

Anita Burke "It is too easy to blame the corporations and the media."

The Resilient Cities Conference brought together big names from all sectors to discuss sustainability imperatives. Anita M. Burke, former advisor to Shell International and founder of the Catalyst...