The planet's water supply and Stephen Harper

US Geological Service image of the globe's water supply

This is a startling image.

The big blue watery ball is all the world's water -- every drop. The smaller blue ball is all the world's fresh water. The tiny blue dot over Arkansas is all the water in all the rivers and lakes on the planet -- the source of almost every drop we use on a regular basis.

Oh, and the subservise, fly-by-night, alarmist, eco-terrorist, enviro-maniac, US billionaire-funded group that propagates this utterly unsubstantiated and meaningless data?

The US Geological Service.

If you wonder (for one millisecond) why Stephen Harper has muzzled Canadian environmental scientists, and why the second Omnibus Bill he pushed through Parliament -- the one that abandoned most of Canada's watercourses to fossil fuel and other industrial development -- is so profoundly dangerous, wonder no more. It's because of inconvenient facts like this.

And if you are wondering why there is growing resistance to pipelines all over this continent - pipelines that traverse thousands of watercourses and threaten their water purity with spills that can contaminate for years, then wonder no more.

It’s the irrefutable implications of images like this, too, that make people like Ethical Oil noise-box and fossil fuel booster Ezra Levant have an apoplectic fit when honoured Conservative senior statesman, Preston Manning, recently acknowledged that global climate change is real.

Mr. Levant can read the writing on the wall; his power world is shrinking fast. 

How far can Stephen Harper and his companions travel into the wilderness of make-believe before his political journey comes to an end? This image says he’s heading directly for oblivion.

 If he’s not, then assuredly the rest of us are.

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