DUFFY TRIAL: Wright hand flops in court

After the rote pleasantries, Duffy's lawyer Bayne gets under Wright’s skin.

Nigel Wright at Ottawa Courthouse. Elizabeth McSheffrey photo/VO
Nigel Wright outside the Ottawa Courtroom, minutes before meeting Bayne in the witness box. Photo by Elizabeth McSheffrey.

Donald Bayne, lawyer for disgraced Senator Mike Duffy, wasted no time with the prosecution’s star witness, Nigel Wright, on Thursday.

Eschewing the rote introductory pleasantries lawyers use to anesthetize witnesses, Bayne commenced his surgical cross-examination with dispatch and a hacksaw. Within minutes, Wright's calm self-assurance gave way to an expression of consternation. With few moments of light-hearted relief, his furrowed brow remained fixedly in place for the rest of the day.

It was remarkable to see how quickly and effectively Bayne got under Wright’s skin.

Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff now has one objective: survive.

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