A golden man at Vancouver Art Gallery comes out for Team Canada

Ross Maxwell loves hockey.  He always has.  And ever since the Paralympics, he's gotten up on Saturday morning and painted himself gold, from skates to helmet.  "I come here to ...

Cypress Mountain repays Olympic debt

It's the question that just won't go away.

From French Riviera, a Variety of Reactions to Vancouver, Canada, and the 2010 Winter Games

Canadians are kind and clean, the French garnered from watching Olympics television coverage. But a retiree who once actually lived in Canada isn't impressed. “The winters. So long!” Story inside...

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Made in China

China may not have won all the top medals, but the nation took home a lot of Olympic gold.

When the USA Took Gold in Sledge Hockey

The Paralympics come to a close as fans head to the Thunderbird Sports Centre to catch the last rounds of Sledge Hockey. Story in photos.

Vancouver to Host 2015 Winter Deaflympics

The crowd settled into  seats and a welcoming blanket of silence fell across the room. All that could be heard was the swift movement of fabrics brushing together as the guests signed to one...

Panelists Decry Signs of Racism in Opening Ceremonies of 2010 Olympic Games

Panelists called for an end to racism. “Visible minorities are increasing and a recent report out suggests that Vancouver, which has roughly 42 percent of visible minorities, is going to see that numb

Mayor Gregor Robertson Welcomes Prince Edward to the 2010 Paralympic Games

“The Prince is coming,” the photographer said, focusing her camera and moving closer in towards the curb.  “Prince William?” a tall grey-haired woman carrying a large bundle of flowers, asked...

The Olympics Brought a Huge Burst of Economic Activity to Vancouver, But Many Businesses Failed to Profit

The winners were restaurants, hotels, and large retail chains, but small businesses on Granville Island and Main Street report business dwindling almost to nothing during the Games.