Heart of a Dragon

"Rick Hansen doesn't own the story of disability: we're all disabled in some way."

Paralympic silver medalist Josh Dueck high fives for WorkSafe BC Raise Your Hand

This past weekend, Paralympic silver medalist Josh Dueck spent 24 hours with no sleep and his right hand in the air to represent the WorkSafe BC Raise Your Hand. This movement empowers the province's...

How Vancouver reclaimed the 2010 Olympics from IOC's dominator energy

International Olympic Committee (IOC), as a controlling dominator energy, cast a dark shadow over Vancouver during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. This third article on the topic explores IOC’s attempt t

IOC's false patriotism and disrespect of indigenous peoples

IOC is in the business of making money for itself by hosting Olympic events. That is its real agenda, disguised behind the smoke and mirrors of mad flag waving and false patriotism.

When the dominator energy came to town: the real IOC

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics: Good for the city? Good for business? How?

New investments in Vancouver show Olympic business strategy working, says Mayor

Mayor Robertson announced several new investments in Vancouver today as part of the 60-day update of the Metro Vancouver Commerce program, which targeted international businesses during the Olympics...

City Council approves balanced approach for Olympic Village affordable housing

Vancouver's Olympic Village will now serve as affordable housing.

Icelandic volcanic air traffic disruption reduced humanity's carbon footprint by...not much

Here's the breakdown, plus a little note for the future: Katla's the one to watch.

Voice of Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies sets her sights on Hollywood

Distinctive voiceover talent Lili Wexu continues expanding her diverse portfolio, and is making her mark in the entertainment industry one medium at a time. She can be heard on the radio, in film and

First the party; now the hangover

The torch burned brightly for Vancouver during the 2010 Olympic Games. Now, for the bill...