Mayor Gregor Robertson Welcomes Prince Edward to the 2010 Paralympic Games

“The Prince is coming,” the photographer said, focusing her camera and moving closer in towards the curb. 

“Prince William?” a tall grey-haired woman carrying a large bundle of flowers, asked excitedly.


“Charles?” she asked.

The photographer was waiting outside the Coal Harbour Community Centre at 11:30 this morning with five or six reporters and photographers for the prince to arrive. Curious pedestrians began gathering around the press.

When the woman heard that Prince Edward, the fourth child of Queen Elizabeth II and, according to Wikipedia, seventh in line for the throne, would be arriving in just a few minutes, she pulled her camera from her bag, and waited, too. While Edward may not be a favourite amongst princes, the woman was excited none the less. After all, it’s not every day that you get to see a prince.

Soon, Prince Edward pulled up to the curb in a black vehicle. He got out and Mayor Gregor Robertson welcomed him with a quick hand shake. The small crowd welcomed him with applause.

The Prince and Mayor continued on through the doors of the Community Centre, where a small group of Paralympics Volunteers in bright blue volunteer jackets greeted the prince with excitement.

The prince asked them how they were and where they were from.

After a quick chat with several volunteers, and a series of speeches from VANOC officials, the Prince stood in front of a small group of reporters where he was presented with a volunteer accreditation pass and his very own volunteer jacket, which he held up to the crowd.

Roberson then took the podium to thank the Prince for his visit to the Paralympics Games.

“Where’s the treasure?” said Robertson, as he struggled to find a gift for the Prince in the large bag by the podium. He pulled out a golden Vancouver coin and presented it to the Prince.

The Prince then signed the official guest book and was escorted out of the room by Robertson.

During Prince Edward's visit to Vancouver he will be attending many events, including visits to LiveCity Downtown, and the Vancouver Art Gallery.






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