Winner of Vancouver Observer and BC Hydro PowerSmart Hockey Ticket Twitter Contest Has "One of the Greatest Nights Ever" at Canada vs. Russia Game

Welcome to the story of one of the best nights of my life. The parts I can remember  were absolutely phenomenal. And according to the pictures, the parts I don't remember were pretty kick ass too.

Thanks to the tickets I won through The Vancouver Observer and BC Hydro PowerSmart, we embodied what it is to be Canadian. From the jerseys, to the flags – the Quatchi socks, to the sheer number of beers consumed - this was going to be an incredible event.

We made our way downtown to join the masses and hopefully get even more pumped from all the cow bells and loud horns. The sea of people was a mix of Russians and crazy Canucks, and there was marching band waving Olympic-colored flags and bangin' on some drums. The crowd was anxious to get in and when they opened the flood gates... hold onto your children. Pure chaos. I should have tried to crowd surf to the front. It was so fun to see the huge crowds as you went up the stairs.

And then it happened. My Olympic dream came true:

Decked out in my Quatchi socks, anyone who knows me, knows I have been wanting nothing more then a picture with a life-sized Quatchi. It's this mascot photo-fetish that dates back to my childhood interaction with Polkaroo. (Now I'm sounding really Canadian)

I made us wait in line for this, 30 mins before the game started. He understood how much this meant, while staring impatiently at the line up in front of us.

Entering Canada Hockey Place in the "200 Suite Section" was pretty awesome. The BF met Scotty Bowman, we got beers, and went to go scream and cheer in the box, "EH O CANADA GO!"

The men came onto the ice and began their warm-up. My mom tried to call me at this point, but all I heard was "CAN-A-DA! CAN-A-DA!" Everyone was loving to be Canadian.

This man, not so much:


I was waiting for him to do some kind of amazing ice dance with the puck and really give Canada something to work for. Instead, we kicked their butts.

I don't know about you, but I get emotional when large groups of people can gather, with that much beer in them, and cheer united for our country. It's not very often that I think 'I'm Canadian', but in these moments you feel part of something special.

We cheered and cheered. And drank and drank. We met some awesome people in the box suite, and BC Hydro put out a great spread of munchies. 2 beers a period, 3 periods of hockey, and 7 Team Canada goals – the night was already top ten in my books.

And then this happened:

I said I would do 3 things at this game: get on TV, meet a gold medalist, and score the winning goal (ok, the last one was a stretch.) I feel like we did one better. We met two gold medalists. We congratulated them on their amazing Gold Medal skate, and they got in a photo with us outside the box suite. Unreal. And such nice skin too.

According to the pictures and my boyfriend, we had a fun rest of the night as well. I'm glad to hear this. Even though I woke up still dressed, smeared with red face paint, and in a panic over the location of my cell phone – definitely one of the greatest nights ever.

Thanks again to Vancouver Observer & BC Hydro for a once in a lifetime experience.


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