Can the American corporation given the contract to construct the Canada Pavilion do justice to the host country in only 77 days?

"The issue is that the timeline is so short," said Perry Tsergas, Legislative Assistant to Joyce Murray, M.P. for Vancouver Quadra.

The contract was awarded to Giltspur Exhibits, an American company owned by Viad Corp. (traded on the NYSE as VVI) in the amount of $9,288,612.90 after a two week RFP process on MERX, he said.

"We want to see the Olympics succeed in Vancouver."

"It was a ridiculous proposal from the government and once it was awarded they said they had 80 days to build it! Even seasoned construction workers find it ridiculous," said Joyce Murray, M.P. for Vancouver Quadra.

"They’re saying that they’re unsure if something like this can be pulled off. If they got the information beforehand knowing the schedule, they should know that they can make it possible. We are in a recession now and with construction jobs, this could’ve been a way to spread stimulus."

(Editor's Note:  Oh, well...)