In the West End, Olympic Volunteers and an Air of Excitement

In the West End, the mood on the street towards the 2010 Games was positive, for the most part.

"I’m for it. I’m actually volunteering at the Olympic Games for International Client Services at the Whistler Olympic Park. It’s going to bring lots of tourists, hopefully build up the economy, and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

-Ana, Vancouver resident originally from Poland at a bus stop on Davie and Howe.

"I’m against the Games. Too much money for nothing."

-Bill, on Davie.

"I’m for the Olympics. Where else are they going to have the Olympics? Either here or somewhere else. Either way we’re going to have them, its probably convenient for Vancouver people."

-Dale Henry, homeless man on Davie.

"I’m definitely for the Olympics. I think it will develop the City with its economy and population, and it’ll give world recognition to BC."

-Nicholas, on Davie.

"I’m for the Olympics. I wasn’t before, I was disappointed when it was announced but now its affected me in a positive way. I don’t have much of the Olympic spirit, but it’s gotten me work."

-Lindsey, McIntosh Grocery store on Davie and Thurlow.

"I would say that I was somewhere in between. I’m really happy for Olympic enthusiasts that they’ve got something to be excited about, it’s just not my thing. No strong feelings towards the event itself, it’s a good thing.  The redirection of money caused by the Olympics affects me negatively but it’ll just be for one year."

-Beth Lee, McIntosh Grocery on Davie and Thurlow.

"I’d say I’m against it. I don’t like a lot of the added problems that come around with it [the Olympics] like increased security and restrictions on civil rights and liberties, it’s just not a wise way to spend taxpayer money.  The average person is not going to benefit as they Games have been opened up to tourists mostly."

-Matt, enjoying a cigarette on Davie.

"I’m fine with the Olympics. No particular reason, it’s a world gathering of sports people. Because I’m in the restaurant business it’s good for a lot of people to come."

-Gerry Gogan, working at the All-India Restaurant on Davie. 

"Against the Games. I think it’s a waste of money - it’s going to bring it in, I understand that - but there’s so many more things we need, like housing."

-Brenda Tom, on Davie. 

"I’m for the Games. Our best friend is working at the Olympics we’re excited for him, it is a great thing for the City."

-Jeremy Catherall, from Vancouver, on Denman and Davie corner.

"I just think it’s going to be fun. I could see why people are upset about it - money."

-Caroline, from Gothenburg, Sweden, on Denman and Davie.

"Absolutely for. It’s a great opportunity to bring some money into our economy, into development, it’s a lot of fun I think. The Olympics are a great way to showcase our City for tourism and development."

-Gabe Garfinkle, Denman Street.

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