On Commercial Drive, Opinion on the Olymipcs is Divided

Gus Eglehaaf says he's all for the Olympics.

Josie Henderson could take it or leave it when it comes to the Olympics.

I’m against, because I think that money could be better spent, and a lot of our deficit now is money spent to get things built in time - the Olympic Buildings.

Anonymous lady reading the paper in the JJ Beans Coffee Shop on Commercial Drive.


From what I hear the Peace River…they’re really screwing up the ecosystem, a lot of wildlife has gone extinct.

Matthew Mac, smoking a cigarette outside the Commercial Skytrain Station.


Totally for it [the Games].  It’s bringing all the nations together in a peaceful and yet competitive situation.  It can only be a positive thing.  Whether it’s economically productive for Vancouver or not it still shows an open-minded and global union.

Pat Petreman, from Lantzville, Vancouver Island, smoking outside the Commercial Skytrain Station.


I don’t think it’s a good idea myself.  For the short duration of the Olympics it’s going to cost us lots of money.

Dave Farrell, at the Dollar Grocers store.


I would support the Olympics yes, however I think the Government shouldn’t spend that much money for the Games.  Basically we have lots of homeless [people] in Vancouver we have lots of people in need of support, [including[ children.

Sinoor Rashidi, from Mahabad, Iran, working at the Urban Grain Pizza café.


I’m against.  I mean they’re coming so there’s no way we can make them not come.  I voted against them and I still would, and  I think the reasons I voted against have come true, such as a bankrupt Province, a bankrupt City, and a lot more homeless people.

Zachary Rothman, grocery shopping on Commercial Drive.


I’m for it.  It’s a bit of excitement in the City, interesting.  It [the Olympics] should be  good party atmosphere and put Vancouver on the map a little.  I think it’ll be good.

Richard Lawrence.


I think it’s good.  I think the Games are bringing fame and money to the City.

Anonymous street vendor on Commercial Drive.


Of course I’m for the Olympics, it’s good for business.  Tourists, their families, they need to eat.  I hope they come a lot.  For Canada’s reputation - in winter Whistler and Blackcomb are famous for the following years because of the Games.  Before the Recession we had a lot of European tourists, especially Germans.  Not now.

Tony, working at the Vancouver Donair kebab shop on Commercial Drive.


I don’t know.  It’s relative.  I agree because it gives Vancouver an important place in the world and makes everyone look at us a s an important city but at the same time I don’t agree because the traffic and everything is going to be awful, and there are places that make the Olympics Games and the economy is so low afterwards.

Gus, Egelhaaf, from Mexico.

 I’m for the Olympics.  Good publicity to the City.

Kathryne Lebans.


I guess I don’t really care, if people want to have it they can have it [the Games], but I don’t think people should be forced to participate.

Josie Henderson.

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