Love Them, Hate Them, I Don't Care: Weigh in on Your Big O

Some like it, some don't.  No one is indifferent to the upcoming 2010 Games.

Azad Wahed, from Kabul, Afghanistan, managing the Tribal Rugs and Art Shop on Broadway, says of the Olympics, "Why not? It's good."

What do you think about the Olympic Games? I hit the streets of Kitsilano to ask people whether they love, hate, or just don't care.  Here's what they said:

"I'd have to say for.  It's putting a spotlight on Vancouver.  The whole world's watching, it's like if you take a TV crew and go to someone's house where the family's destitute and living in poverty, and a couple of days later their bank account has money because people see it and help out.  The poor people need help."

-Shaun, homeless man from Vancouver, begging outside Safeway on Macdonald and Broadway. 

"For [the Olympics].  I'm an architect and it's helped me directly.  I'm barely for."

-Anonymous man from Vancouver on Broadway.

"I'm totally against.  I think it's a waste of money that should be put to better use for all the obvious problems in the city.  When people were lobbying for the Games, who would know we would be in a recession?"

-Anne H, from Vancouver, on Broadway. 

"I haven't heard too much about it [the Games] yet from too many people.  The people with property tax might be hit hard."

-Darren Conrad, drinking at Elwoods Bar on Broadway. 

"I like the Olympics, why not? It's something like sport, it's not business.  I wish them success, I do like sport."

-Azad Wahed, from Kabul, Afghanistan, managing the Tribal Rugs and Art Shop on Broadway. 

"I only moved here a couple of weeks ago and from what I have read, I would say I was for the Olympics, basically for the exchange. It's another way of opening up the lines of communication between countries."

-Clio Dominic, now a Vancouver resident, on Alma Street. 

"I'd say I'm more against them.  I think the money could be better spent in any of the projects to help the homeless.  We're already in enough debt here."

-Vanessa Fisher, working at the Banyen Books and Sound store on 4th Avenue. 

"I'm for it.  It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for citizens of Vancouver.  It's nice to support athletes and I like sport.  It brings good infrastructure for the city beyond the Olympics, the Canada Line for instance.  They wouldn't have built it without the Olympics."

-David Shamash, from Vancouver, on 4th Avenue. 

"I actually just got off high school.  I personally don't really care that much, so I'm indifferent.  They [the Olympics] don't really affect me."

-Anonymous barista at a Starbucks coffee shop on 4th Avenue. 

"I'm very much for the Olympics.  I think the Olympics are a wonderful way of bringing the world together in a positive environment.  Many peoples of the world get together in a positive way in a time of great trouble and lots of war.  But one thing I have to say is that the city has to be ready for it as there'll be many crowds of people."

-Kathy Campbell, from Ontario, on 4th Avenue. 

"Honestly, I cant stand it.  I like Vancouver the way it was.  I don't want anyone else in the world to know about Vancouver.  I think we're wasting money, and politicians are not honest with us on how much is being spent on it [the Olympics].  Somebody's making a lot of money, but not the average person who's paying for it.  What else don't we know about it?"

-Ryan Liu, 4th Avenue. 

"I was for it but then I've seen the havoc that it's been wreaking on the city, so now I'm somewhat indifferent.  I've seen everything fall apart with the Olympic Village."

-Lisa Smith, 4th Avenue.


Now, tell me, if you will: What do you think about the Olympics?  Comment  below.

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