Canadians in New York recount Sandy's wrath and people's resilience

Sandy may have savaged New York, but the tough New Yorkers have weathered it well, say Canadians who were caught in the storm over the week.  "New Yorkers are incredible," Mira Oreck, a...

The new global nomads

The business and employment landscapes are becoming increasingly borderless. Allowing anyone to pack a bag, book a flight, and start afresh.
Agnes Gereb

Hungarian midwife Agnes Gereb changing the world

A new documentary tackles the persecution of midwife Agnes Gereb and the lack of freedom for women wanting to give birth in the safety of their homes.

Talking with Moroccan free speech activist Maria Karim, a day before her trial

A voice of Morocco's democracy movement speaks to VO the day before her trial.

Speaking at UBC, Kofi Annan says crisis in Syria may explode beyond borders

Former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan entered the room at University of British Columbia on Tuesday and the cloud of his surprising departure from his envoy role in Syria followed...

Chest-thumping and a bellicose break with Tehran robs Ottawa of mediator role

Iran's embassy in Ottawa is closed, as is Canada's in Tehran -- there is now no formal channel for Ottawa to mediate international conflict.

A North American Muslim dream: beyond extremism and Islamophobia

Can North American Muslims break a vicious cycle of Islamophobia with movies, music and literature?

Syria regime collapse accelerates

Conflicting reports emerged Saturday about whether Syria's vice president has defected. The Yemeni branch of al-Baath party said that Deputy Secretary General of Syria’s Baath party Abdullah al-Ahmar...

NASA's Curiosity landing blazes trail for humans on Mars

NASA's Curiosity brings humans one step closer to setting foot on the red planet.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee: perspectives from Canadian expatriates

On her diamond jubilee, will Canadian expatriates in London be toasting the queen, or are they not bothered by the whole affair?