[email protected] Change inspires youth to confront violence, poverty and climate change

What would you like to see different in the world, in your community, or in yourself?

Canadian environmental advocates testify at U.S. Congress oil sands hearing

After U.S. congress hearings on the oil sands industry’s environmental performance, Pembina policy director Simon Dyer and Greenpeace campaigner Melina Laboucan-Massimo shared their views with VO.

CodePink leader brutally arrested as stripping protesters in pink bras disrupt Bank of America

 Jodie Evans and her fellow CODEPINK protesters saw a lot of action last week, making headlines with an in-your-face Women's Day campaign against U.S. financial giant Bank of America. The...

Japan earthquake victim children uplifted by Canadian gifts

In earthquake and tsunami-hit Japan, Canadian toys and pins helped boost the mood of many children who had lost homes and family to the disaster.

Japan earthquake continues to shake up Vancouverites

After the Japan earthquake and tsunami, locals continue to feel the impact of the disaster in their lives.

Kony buzz perplexes observers from Africa

"The war (in Uganda) was more than just one man killing children," said a Ugandan journalist. "It was much more complex than just one man called Joseph Kony."

After Japan's earthquake and tsunami, a shift in values

How to help the tsunami and earthquake victims? Before we can support each other, or at the same time, we need to heal ourselves, says one Japanese consultant.

Young Canadian diplomats get an early start with Model United Nations

At the Canadian High Schools Model United Nations Conference, Samantha Millar shared with youth what Model United Nations did for her – and what Model United Nations could do for them.

International Women's Day: Wangari Maathai's story goes on through Wangari Maathai Day

As International Women's Day approaches, the African Union has announced that March 3rd, Africa Environment Day, will "henceforth be conjunction with remembering Prof. Wangari Maathai."  Calling...

Japan earthquake fundraiser on March 11 at Nikkei Place

It's been one year, but the Japanese tsunami victims still need help. Show your support at the upcoming fundraiser on March 11.