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Small child crying, a man yelling, and blood on the walls in the hall of an apartment building at 3319 Kingsway. This is the heart-wrenching scene of the third homicide in Vancouver of 2014.

The suspect in the homicide at an apartment building, discovered shortly after 10:30 yesterday morning, on Kingsway near Joyce Street remains at hospital in stable condition as police continue to investigate, according to a press release from the Vancouver Police Department.

The officers who arrived to investigate were confronted by a man with a knife. He was challenged by police who drew their firearms and then shot the man.

A woman found in the apartment with multiple injuries was declared dead at the scene. She has been identified as 63-year-old Yin Nor Hsao. A young girl, initially reported to be aged five or six, is the woman’s grandchild and is actually less than two years old. She was taken to Children’s Hospital, also with multiple injuries.  The girl was dropped off earlier that morning, as the deceased routinely took care of her granddaughter while the parents were at work. She is expected to survive, but the extent of her potentially life-altering injuries is still not known. 

The suspect was taken to hospital and is currently under guard while he receives treatment for his gunshot injuries. He has been arrested for murder and attempt murder. Charges have not yet been laid.

The VPD Homicide Unit is investigating the circumstances surrounding the murder of the woman in the apartment. The IIO is conducting the investigation regarding the police involved shooting.