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Robertson and Vision team receive more endorsements

Photo of some local supporters from Vision Vancouver's website
Photo of some local supporters from Vision Vancouver's website

Vision Vancouver continues to publicly add local leaders to their list of endorsers.

Following the endorsement announcement of three term COPE councillor David Cadman and former NPA President Michael Davis, seven more local residents from various communities including, Vancouver's housing, arts, environmental and social justice sectors are endorsing Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver today, according to a press release.

The release listed MLA David Eby, United We Can founder Ken Lyotier, Aboriginal Transformative Justice Executive Director Christine Martin, arts advocate Heather Redfern, arts professional Vanessa Richards, Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre executive director Susan Tatoosh and former Chair of the Vancouver Green Party Ben West.  

“Basically I feel like Kirk LaPointe is the Stephan Harper of Vancouver,” West told VO citing possible environmental implications that could arise with a different municipal leader. “Kirk LaPointe is eager to push the exact same agenda as the Republicans in the US and Harper in Ottawa are pushing, and that is simply a direction we can’t afford to go.”

The former Green Party chair mentioned that Gregor actively tried to recruit green members while West was working for the party. He added that party brands resonates with people, but citizens need to be aware there’s also a reality of who the candidates are, what they stand for and what they can accomplish.

“I think Gregor is a very good green mayor, whether he’s got the brand green party next to him or Vision Vancouver next to him. The reality of what he’s done in terms of the greenest city action plan, and the work he is doing by really sticking his neck out for Kinder Morgan is extremely important, and he’s showing that you can take an environmental stance,” said West. “So often we hear that it’s jobs versus the environment and he’s proving that you can have a vibrant economy and be environmentally responsible, and having that sort of example to hold up is very important.”

Arts Advocate and Executive Director of The Cultch Heather Redfern had a very direct response to why she supports Vision.

“I think Vision Vancouver are very supportive of the arts and artists,” said Redfern.

Vision also supports the Aboriginal community says Christine Martin. She mentioned the urban aboriginal community has worked so closely with the city recently, which includes the Mayor, city council and the school boards and parks.

“It’s been unprecedented connection we’ve had and it’s allowed us to have more say in the community,” said Martin. “The school board and Vision has really put aboriginal education as a high priority in our community which is great. We’ve all been working really hard to finally see our numbers grow. I think it was 12 to 15 per cent increase in the last little while for kids graduating, so I that’s a great indicator of our community.”

It’s really important for Aboriginal to sit back and observe issues and actively make a difference, and Vision has does that in that past, added Martin.

“They’ve acknowledged territory that we’re on, and I haven’t heard people acknowledge the territory we’re on in that capacity, and He’s really done a great job of reaching out to the aboriginal community,” said Martin. “Vision has really come through not just to our urban community but to others as well.”

In a joint statement released by Vision, the endorsers say they support Robertson because he supports the Broadway Subway, the Greenest City Action Plan, expanded child care, more rental housing, and increased supports for those with mental and addiction issues.

“I think the government we got right now has done a lot of good for the city, and they deserve our support,” West said. “I think it’s really important that people vote. The turnout for municipal elections is often very low. It’s a shame to see the potential for vote splitting could happen in this election.”

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