Orange is the New Black Season 2 recap

Let's very quickly recap OITNB S02 and catch up with our favorite characters. What next for Crazy Eyes? Will Fig end up at Litchfield in S03?

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Healy seems to be evolving beyond his predator status of last season. Driven in part by Fig's excesses, he's looking within himself and hating what he finds. Nobody loves him, and he desperately wants to be loved. He finds an odd kindred spirit in Pennsatucky, and even helps Piper get furlough.

In the end, he abuses his authority to help Crazy Eyes. His Safe Place club was destined for failure, though: even misery hates to get co-opted.


Caputo has his eye on the big job. Well, the almost-big job. As Fig flies too close to the sun, Caputo sees his chance to take her place. Chapman ends up helping him get what he wants, but he finds out all too soon that the job corrupts anyone who touches it. And hey, it's not like Caputo was clean to begin with.

Caputo: OITNB

Within two days of taking Fig's desk, he's making Fig decisions. Sure, he's protecting his staff, but he's still sweeping sex crimes under the rug.

And his band is called Sideboob.

In the end, Fig and Vee were undone by their own misunderstandings of how Litchfield works: they thought that the place –– and its inmates –– played by more consistent rules.

Everything does not go back to normal, though, since all of these delicate relationships have been either altered or broken.

What next for 'Orange is the New Black'?

OITNB is returning for a third season, which is terrible news for our sleep cycles.

I'm holding out hope that, at some point in S03, Fig will return as an inmate. No way she's going to be flying the straight-and-narrow.

Vauss will surely return to Litchfield, and the Alex-Piper maelstrom will continue. This time, it will be Chapman who hides her machinations. Hopefully, though, OITNB will continue the trend of focusing on the non-Chapman population of the prison. They're just more... interesting, and series creator Jenji Kohan said that she always saw Piper as a sort of Trojan Horse, though which to bring all these other stories to a wide audience.

I think there's a lot of room for the Pennsatucky-Big Boo relationship to grow, and I want to see how Crazy Eyes reintegrates into a post-Vee Litchfield.

I think things for Caputo, Healy and Bennett will get much worse before they get better. They not only have to deal with a prison that's collapsing around their ears, but a legacy of terrible decision-making –– Fig's and their own.

I'm wondering how meta this show will get: will a future plot thread involve Piper Chapman writing a book?

Some stray comments

  • Jimmy: Her unexplained escape was a callback to S01E05, “The Chickening”, which was my favorite episode of last season. Silently, invisibly, and seemingly without effort, Jimmy shows up at the bar where Caputo’s crappy band is playing. The leaves on her work jacket were –– at least to me –– reminiscent of feathers.
  • Flaca’s taste in music is revealed in greater detail. We knew she liked classic Britpop and Britrock, but now we know she hates the Fleet Foxes.
  • Seeing Poussey speak German was awesome. Besides Piper and Alex, I think she's the only one to have a back story that takes place outside the US.
  • I was surprised that Fig was surprised that her husband was gay. It was heavily intimated when we first met him, and by his perfunctory responses to her sexuality: he treated her urge to conceive as part of a business transaction.
  • Morello’s description of the plot to “Toy Story” is truly priceless.
  • Ha! Of course Black Cindy was a TSA officer. It makes so much sense. Also, her singalong with her daughter to 50 Cent's "Death to My Enemies". Heh. I’m presuming that her rampant theft got her sent to Litchfield, but there may be more to her story.
  • Soso's singalong: I don't know why I found her love of Nineties singer-songwriters so funny, but I did. OITNB uses music very well, actually. particularly the scene where, after Rosa gets the ultimate bad news, Ford sings along with "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in the van as Morello is like, 0_o. Such an odd moment, but very real; and played in a very true way.

You know what to do... hit the comments below for your own reactions to S02, and your speculations on what will happen next.

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