Orange is the New Black Season 2 recap

Let's very quickly recap OITNB S02 and catch up with our favorite characters. What next for Crazy Eyes? Will Fig end up at Litchfield in S03?

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Fig was arguably right in trying to transfer Chapman out of Litchfield, but she didn't realize how far Caputo was willing to go, and she was naive to think that her undoing would come from within the prison administration.

Fig seems to have gotten away clean, but I really want to see Fig do that long walk through the halls in an orange jumpsuit. (In real life, of course, an assistant warden would never be sent as an inmate to her own prison, but this isn’t real life. We want awesome stories, not pure verisimilitude. If they sent Bellick to his own prison in “Prison Break”, well, they can send Fig to Litchfield.)


Galina Reznikov is not content to sit with the Golden Girls: she wants her humble empire back. However, she’s not willing to go as far, as quickly, as Vee. That changes, though, once Irma manages to shiv the wrong woman. It's not that she wants the kitchen back for its own sake: Red wants her pipeline back so she can regain her power in the prison. Unlike Vee (from whom she has learned a few tricks), Red makes moves by giving and withholding affection.

Poussey and Taystee

These two could feature in their own series. Poussey is looking for love, while Taystee is looking for a family. Stuck at Litchfield, they found each other, and have formed a sort of hybrid of the two.

Poussey recognizes a real parental figure when she sees one, since her dad had her back whenever she was about to go off the rails. Therefore, she instantly saw through Vee’s bullshit. Is she not the only inmate so far who had a supportive parent in her life? In an almost-throwaway line, we learn that Poussey is in prison for selling weed.

Poussey and Taystee: OITNB

Taystee was born into the system, as was hinted at in S01. She crossed paths with Vee throughout her youth, and eventually the uptown kingpin collected Taystee along with a bunch of other broken children. These young people would get used until they were no longer useful. Taystee has known Vee for 18 years, and still sees her as a mother figure.


The spine of the season for me is Red vs Vee, and the different dynamics of prison family they represent. Vee Parker plays a mother brilliantly. To that end, Lorraine Toussaint played a hustler playing a monster brilliantly. For that entire plot line to work, we had to not quite know what Vee was thinking, but we also had to see her thinking it. Toussaint totally nailed it.

Vee wants to take over Litchfield once more, but the game has changed since she was last inside. The return to physical violence is not welcome by the other inmates, who have grown used to Red's way of doing business; itself a reaction to Vee's last tenure at the prison.

Here's Lorraine Toussaint discussing her work as Vee. Note that she doesn't put on faces and voices to create a mask, but redirects her own rhythms to a very different effect.

Lorna Morello

The most lovable inmate at Litchfield’s back story got very dark, very quickly. I had figured that Christopher had abandoned her once she went inside, and that eventually she’d have her heart shattered upon release. But no... Morello is in prison for stalking Christopher and trying to kill his real-life girlfriend.

When she breaks into Christopher’s house (why’d he move so close to the prison where his homicidal stalker was sentenced?), I was worried that Morello was going to commit suicide in the bride’s wedding dress.

Morello at Christopher's house: OITNB


Rosa was hardly featured at all in S01 (called “Darth Vader” in the first episode, I think, when Chapman first arrives at the camp). This season, we learn more about her fiery past of bank robbery and doomed romance. Rosa introduces a teen cancer patient to the simple joys of theft, and wraps up the season's A-story in her bid for final freedom.


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