Green policies makes a difference: businesses 

Flickr creative commons photo by Paul Krueger
At the ground level, a number of green businesses in Vancouver say that having the Greenest City Action Plan has strengthened or improved their brand and work - especially when it comes to transit. 
"As a cycle-based business, we're pleased to see further investments into cycling infrastructure developing throughout the city," said Ben Wells, co-owner of ShiftDelivery.

"Especially in the busy downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods, dedicated lanes and routes help make our business run more efficiently, and improve safety."
Wells said policies at the local level make a huge difference for Vancouver's eco-minded businesses. 
"I feel intelligent and forward looking policies and political will at a local level are perhaps the best way to improve the way our city feels and flows," he said, adding that the Greenest City Action Plan fuels "meaningful discussion about what we want to see Vancouver become."
"There is tangible and important investment happening right now in local enterprises, making for great local (and often "green") jobs," he said. "Great examples include our business, Modo, Growing City, Victory Gardens, Grin Technologies, and the wealth of tech companies, local breweries and urban farms developing all over Vancouver."
One area where he said needed improvement was around communication with the public. He said residents less supportive of environmental policy today might change their minds if they knew more about their impact on people's lives. 
"For example, when drivers see a bike lane, they often think: 'I could be in that lane!', whereas with a little more education, they might realize that every bike they see counts as another car that is not in front of them," he said.