Game of Thrones S04E10 Preview: 'The Children'

'Game of Thrones' Season 4 has been the most exciting yet. How will S04E10 turn out? Check out our S04 finale preview.

Daenerys Targaryen: Team Dragon Mama returns for 'Game of Thrones' S04E10.

Get ready for the Game of Thrones S04 finale

Okay, Dire Wolf fans... "Game of Thrones" S04E10, titled "The Children", airs on June 15. Let's get ready.

(This post contains spoiler references to last week's episode, just so you know.)

I daresay that S04E09 was the weakest Ninth Episode yet, which kind of sucks, since it was so wonderfully ambitious in scale. I know lots of people love the mammoths (because, come on, mammoths rule), but I really got off on the sketchy ice climbing.

However, the key moments were Ser Alliser Thorne admitting –– in his own assaholic way –– that Jon Snow was right about Castle Black being underprepared; the Janos Slynt's bugout scene; and the death of Ygritte.

Jon Snow

Jon managed, amid all the yelling and clanging, to kill Styr the Thenn with a hammer. Definitely the kill of the week, but nowhere near the level of >_< that we witnessed in S04E08.

Oberyn Martell

Also, you can get into the politics of nomenclature around he wildlings, who could easily be characterized as the good guys here. "Wildling" is itself a derogatory term; they prefer "free folk", which apparently refers to their being free to freeze their asses off in the Frozone. Or free to get ice-zombified. Free to hate the Cave People.


The overall tempo Season 4 has been the fastest yet. I have no reason to think that S04E10 will have that denouement-esque quality shared by previous Episode Tens. So, more action; but that also means more of a risk of a favorite character dying.

Coming up on #GoT

Here's the preview for "Game of Thrones" S04E10:

So we have Bran Stark and Teenage David Bowie making it to that mystical and mysterious tree. The least compelling storyline for me, alas. Hey, at least that means more Hodor.

We have Harya bracing to face... persons unknown. Now that the ransom plan seems to have fallen through, will they remain a team? This would depend on Arya Stark removing The Hound from her Shit List. I've been loving The Hound's journey from Lannister thug to freelance youth advocate/occasional mugger.

We'll get to check back in with Team Dragon Mama and their eponymous dragons. Will Daario the Lothario replace Jorah? Hey, he's already realized more success in certain areas than had his predecessor. Maybe we'll get to see Daenerys Targaryen recuse herself from a City Council vote on dragon leash laws in Meereen. Municipal politics are a freakin' rabbit hole, seriously.

Also, Jon Snow makes contact with the wildlings, which is no surprise, since they're about ten feet north of The Wall. They themselves have been pushed this south by the ice zombies. Mance Rayder is getting ready to swarm Castle Black and defeat the Night's Watch once and for all; because, really, how can there be more than five Crows left?

As for the Lannisters, it looks like Cersei is finally facing the fact that nobody from Casterly Rock is on the same page about... anything. It looks like Cersei is making out with Jaime again –– and this time willingly –– as Tyrion languishes in his cell. Seriously, that rape scene in S04E03 was the worst own-goal in the entire series, a clumsiness of storytelling that has screwed up Jaime's character arc for most of the season. Anyway, does that Jaime/Cersei scene hint at Cersei being swayed from her current position, or maybe Jaime distracting her while their brother makes his getaway?

I still want to see Brienne of Tarth bash some heads: so far, her action has been limited to ಠ_ಠ's cast toward Podrick Payne. I just want that cool sword of hers to see some use. Is that so wrong?

I've also resigned myself to the likelihood that we won't see Ser Pounce again this season, so this will have to do instead:

See you folks on June 15 for the season finale. Wild speculation is welcome in the comments below; but please, no actual spoilers.

Oh, and beware the Game of Thrones drinking game. No human being has the constitution for that.

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