Leonardo DiCaprio rallies with Canadian Indigenous leaders at People's Climate March in New York

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio and Sting were marching with Canada's Indigenous leaders against the tar sands at the Peoples' Climate March in New York. 

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A District Attorney marches with climate activists

Bristol District Attorney C. Samuel Sutter posed for a quick photo with two men, Ken Ward and Jay O'Hara, in the hours leading up to the Peoples Climate March.

Earlier this month, Ward and O'Hara were two environmental activists facing criminal charges in court for blocking a 40,000-ton coal shipment last year to the Brayton Point power plant in Somerset.

District attorney C. Samuel Sutter, center, with two coal-mining protesters Ken Ward (left) and Jay O'Hara (right), who he dropped charges against earlier this month. Photo by Linda Solomon Wood.

But Sutter understood climate change, and empathized with their concerns. Just as the trial was about to begin Monday, Sutter decided to drop all charges, saying he recognized that Ward and O'Hara were acting to prevent the exacerbation of global climate warming.

Blame Canada?

From Canada, Green MP Elizabeth May, members of Kamloops 350, actress Evangeline Lilly and many others were in attendance. But because Canada's federal government has been dismantling environmental regulations in order to double of Alberta's oil extraction by 2022, Canadians attending the rally drew attention to their government's weak climate policies. 

Amy Huva and Elizabeth May. Photo via Amy Huva.

Photo of MP Elizabeth May (right) Amy Huva (left)

Photo of Kamloops 350 by Amy Huva
Photo of Kamloops 350  by Amy Huva

A protester dressed up as a Mountie streaked in black oil was seen demonstrating, and at least one sign that read "Blame Canada" was spotted at the march. 

Although people from diverse age groups were at the march, a large proportion of them were youth, who stand to be the most affected by climate change. One young woman shared her thoughts on the "inspiring" mobilization to fight environmental destruction. 

Occupy Love filmmaker Velcrow Ripper said he was at the rally to call for a more sustainable world for the future. 

Video by Linda Solomon Wood

Stay tuned for more. 

Photo by Linda Solomon Wood 

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