Britannia Homework Club makes it to the Aviva Semi-Finals

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You may have read about this great little organization in East Vancouver when they were featured in the Vancouver Sun 3 weeks ago. The Britannia Homework Club was struggling to find a donor to keep the doors open, and thanks to all of the attention, they made some lovely new friends who believe in their kids, the same way they do! Now, they have the chance to win $150,000 for the Club through the Aviva Community Fund but they need votes! The Club co-ordinator, Kim Leary, figures they will need an average of 1,000 votes a day for the next two weeks (December 5-16) to reach the top ten and take home a share of Aviva's anual $1 million prize. You can help by logging in to the Aviva Community Fund page and voting for Homework Club!

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