This High School Has Closets: A Canadian Gay Coming Of Age Book

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"This High School Has Closets"  chronicles the tale of two lonely teenage  neighbours as they struggle and toil with everyday existence in Abby Park High School  in Oakville Ontario and how the most unlikely of incidents transform the way they see themselves, the world around them and each other.

The book is written for a young adult general audience. This is a coming of age story that most teenage men can identify with in dealing with their first time gay experiences and love.  The story is set against the backdrop of a brief time period  in Canadian History when Marc Hall captured national attention by suing and winning the right to take his gay male partner to the prom.

This High School Has Closets is part of the Gay Support series which will be published by Icon Empire Press in support of gay men coming out. The book is written by author Robert Joseph Greene who garnered international attention with his book "The Gay Icon Classics Of The World" which is nominated for a Lambda Literary Award.

"We hope that public libraries and high schools across Canada will see the value in making this book available to teenagers and young adults" say author Robert Joseph Greene.

"This High School Has Closets" is part of the part of the new releases for 2012 by Icon Empire Press. A special deal with offers the eBook format until December 31, 2011.  Icon Empire Press is a publisher of affordable literary works that set out to fulfill the understanding of the human spirit.

NOTE: The book is in pre-release and the ISBN issue is set for January 1, 2012.

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