Harper advisor calls for assassination of Wikileaks director VIDEO

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In an interview with CBC, Professor Tom Flanagan suggested President Obama have Wikileaks director Julian Assange assassinated.  "Obama should put out a contract and use a drone, or something..."

The CBC newscaster answers, "Tom, that's pretty harsh stuff."

"Well, I'm feeling pretty manly today," Flanagan fires back.

About Flanagan

From Wikipedia...

 Flanagan helped Prime Minister Stephen Harper seek the leadership of the Canadian Alliance.Flanagan managed the campaign, and Harper went on to win the Alliance leadership in March 2002. Flanagan then went to Ottawa for a year to serve as chief of staff when Harper was Leader of the Opposition.

Flanagan returned to Calgary in 2003 but continued as campaign manager to get the Canadian Alliance ready for the next election. But before that election could take place, the Alliance merged in late 2003 with the Progressive Conservatives to form the new Conservative Party of Canada. Flanagan then managed Harper’s successful leadership race against Belinda Stronach and Tony Clement. After that was concluded, Flanagan organized and managed the Conservative national campaign for the general election of June 28, 2004. The Conservative Party lost that election but did succeed in bringing Paul Martin’s Liberals down to a minority government, which set the stage for future Conservative victories.

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