Canada's brand is almost as strong as Australia's: Poll

Canada's brand is very strong. You love Australia, but are you tough enough for New Zealand?

Nicely done, Canada. People love us because, after a ski crash or moose attack, we patch them up.

You love us! You really love us!

Congratulations, Canada: your national brand is strong. Not quite the strongest in the world, though, according to the 2013 BCG Global Consumer Sentiment Survey.

Canada came in second, though; our primary attribute is our accessible health care. This also explains why Canadians are such amazing skiers and snowboarders: they don't give a damn about getting hurt.

Australia won the Boston Consulting Group's poll by a landslide, with the the number-one reason being the climate. Sure, you would say "climate" if you've never spent a summer in Perth, or a wet season in Cairns. The number-one reason obviously should have been "gloriously lethal spectrum of fauna".

Just behind Canada came the USA, followed by Switzerland: both ranked where they did due to the perceived economic opportunity. (If you've seen the price of a cup of coffee in Switzerland, you'll know just how much economic opportunity you're gonna need.)

Here are the top ten national brands, along with the most commonly-cited reasons for why they were chosen:

  1. Australia: Climate
  2. Canada: Accessible health care
  3. USA: Economic opportunity
  4. Switzerland: Economic opportunity
  5. New Zealand: Natural environment
  6. Sweden: Quality education
  7. Germany: Economic opportunity
  8. United Kingdom: Accessible health care
  9. Denmark: Quality education
  10. Norway: Quality education

A total of 27,620 residents of the USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Australia, India, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain were polled.

Australia had the largest proportion of first-choice selections. The UK was chosen first the fewest number of times, but scored its position by showing up often as respondents' second- and third chioces.

There are some caveats with this poll. Respondents could not pick their own country. So, if you're one of those guys with a hyper-realistic maple-leaf tattoo, you know, the kind with the veins, then you probably picked Australia because it's the most similar to Canada, even though you'd surely stay in Canada if given the chance. Not much skiing to speak of in Oz. Just saying.

Also, while the developing world is somewhat represented, nearly half of the polled countries were in the EU. It would be interesting to see better representation of Asian and Latin American opinions.

Are you tough enough?

Also, if you choose to immigrate to New Zealand, you better be tough. How tough? Tough enough that, if a shark attacks you, you can fight off the shark, stitch up your wound, then go to the pub before hitting up the hospital.

Here's more data on how desirable we find other countries. The slideshow below is US-centric; Americans, funny enough, prefer English-speaking countries, and overwhelmingly prefer to live in the US.

Australians were even more patriotic in terms of staying at home, with 94% of Aussies preferring to keep their Antipodean addresses. British and Italian responders were the most likely to opt for "anywhere but here".

Wombat vs raccoon
I would like to see a fauna-vs-fauna survey: whose animals are the toughest? I think Canada would once again come in second to Australia, but only because we don't have as many venomous creatures.
That said, a raccoon would probably kick a wombat's ass.

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