Agassiz and Harrison Mills Circle Farm Tour

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The Back Porch

Imagine the cutest pottery store. This is it. Owners Lynda and Dan have done an excellent job of making this shopping outing an experience. The inside has a "reveal all" attitude with the potters wheel on one side, slabs of clay to the left, finished pottery on the shelves, and two kilns in a room with the door wide open.

There is also a coffee roasting room at the back where they use a circa 1919 flame roaster. 

 The Back Porch

Outside of the pottery store there is an antique and collectors store were I found many gems including an old school typewriter, some antique baseball cleats, and a cute but mysterious headless policeman in a cruiser. 

The Back Porch

And if that's not enough there is also a small farm in the backyard complete with chicken, goats, sunflowers, veggies and even "The John".

It's hard to decide if someone would come for the freshly roasted coffee, the antiques, the farm animals or the pottery. We happened to meet a couple that day who, as they drank a cup of coffee and perused the antique goodies, claims to come every week just to check everything out and say "Hi". 

Canadian Hazelnut

"Welcome to the Nut House." These guys have hazelnut butter, candied hazelnuts, roasted hazelnuts and whatever else could possibly tickle your fancy in the hazelnut world. We sampled many but my top choices were probably the espresso hazelnut, the hazelnut butter and the beer nuts; something bitter sweet, something creamy sweet and something salty sweet. 

Canadian Hazelnut

After munching we took a self-guided tour of their orchard checking out the hazelnut trees in bloom as well as the cleaning and sorting room with dirt drums and rinsing stations. The hazelnut process is an unfamiliar one to me so it was interesting to see the harvest, the tools used, and learn a bit from the worker standing nearby.

Canadian Hazelnut

Canadian Hazelnut

For more high resolution photos check out my Circle Farm Tour on Flickr.

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