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Transition to Trump signals time for inner change

President-elect Donald Trump and President Obama meet to discuss a peaceful transfer of power. Photo by Pablo Martinez Monsivas/Associated Press.

If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him…We need not wait to see what others do. ~ Gandhi

A dream woke me up, as they often do.

The waking and the end of the dream coinciding together in perfect symmetry, as they do in real life. As so very painfully demonstrated by the results of the recent election in the most powerful country in the world.

The end of a collective dream.

The waking up to the darkness of the day.

Humanity is standing at the edge of the precipice. Will we wake up? Or will we fall into the slumbering pit of Hell?

We have a choice.

The dream is an old story of betrayal.

My ex-husband won’t move out of the house. I’m angry and fed-up. We’re in the kitchen, the heart and hearth of the home and I fling some sauce at him telling him it’s time to leave. He smiles, wipes the sauce off his cheek and tells me the affair has long been over.

There are dream scenes of him sitting beside me watching The Crown on Netflix and eating pomegranate seeds together. Dream me can feel the fairy-tale spell of a waking slumber fall over me.

The yearning for family unity is so great within this dream, that I pull the veil of sleep over my own inner knowing.

Then the brutal awakening.

Still dreaming, my daughter and I are in the kitchen chatting and chopping vegetables for a big family dinner. I can still see and smell the dream cilantro on the cutting board in front of me as I tell my daughter what her father told me. Her knife stills in her hand and her attention focuses on me.

“He hasn’t left her, he still lives with her. He took care of your grandson yesterday.”

Even as she’s saying these words I can feel the fog of forgetfulness lift. The spell is broken and the truth pierces my heart. I’m instantly aware of the deep sorrow at the death of my dream of togetherness.

And then I truly wake up.

It’s the wee small hours of the morning, when the whole wide world is fast asleep. I’m filled with a roiling rage and an ineffable, unfathomable sorrow.

On a cursory analysis, this dream appears to be about the breakdown of my own marriage, but that is superficial. This is a powerful dream about wanting to turn away from a deep inner knowing. About pulling a veil of complacency over my own eyes so that I don’t have to face a painful and overwhelming truth. A truth that doesn’t go away just because I play hide-and-don’t-seek.

This dream is telling me to wake up to the work I have to do here in the physical world.

Images now run through my head, following tangled threads of anger. Obama and Trump sitting together. Michelle and Melania conversing politely. Elizabeth Warren’s Facebook post about the importance of a peaceful transfer of power.

Transfer of Power.

My brain is trying to make sense of what’s happening.

My rage is telling me that boundaries have been breached. I lie in bed and rage against Trump and the nameless people who voted for him. I rage against the media who treated his venom like a joke. I even rage against Obama and Elizabeth Warren.

Peaceful transfer of power?

How can they even be thinking about transferring power to a demagogue demon, a racist, misogynistic xenophobe who promotes and inflames hatred, fear and division?

To peacefully hand over the keys to the most powerful nation on earth seems beyond absurd. You are handing over the keys to the world to a snake, to a fascist, to a demon dressed in a suit.

Is the peaceful transfer of power greater than the safety of your own people? Greater than the safety of humanity?

I want to scream and shout and shake the seemingly rational powers that be out of their slumber of political niceness. The Beast has already shown himself to be who he is.

Believe him.

In my dream I have been betrayed. I have betrayed myself by turning away from the truth within me. What is inside is being mirrored outside. This ‘normalization’ of a seemingly very abnormal reality feels like a betrayal.

My rage and sorrow stem partly from that. We were looking for a saviour in the form of Hillary Clinton and now we feel forsaken. Now we have to save ourselves.

Even as I’m full of wrath, fury, fear and an unending sadness, sparks of light appear.

There is tremendous hope and opportunity in front of us.

Both ends of the spectrum always exist together; darkness and light, despair and hope, sorrow and joy. The darkness seems so very dark right now for so many people, but the light can pull us forward and give us strength.

We must all wake up to the power of the divinity within us, and this takes work. It will be the most important work you will ever do.

It’s important to remember that I am not shattered. Only my tightly held illusion has broken apart.

And so I write.

And I meditate.

And I listen to empowering, uplifting messages of hope. Even as I rage against the darkness of the night, I pick myself up and continue the work of inner self-awareness.

And this is my call to you to do your own work.


As Deepak Chopra says, it’s time to rethink our priorities. It’s time for social and political activism. We must get beyond the level of thought to the level of being.

Therein lies our solution.

Change happens from the ground up, never from the top down.

Real and lasting change cannot be dictated, it must be felt, experienced and believed. It must be generated from awakened minds and souls until the tipping point finally dissolves the fear and hatred permeating the world today.

We don’t fight fear with fear.

Or hatred with hatred.

That only generates more of the same.

We must all do our own inner soul work in concert with the actions that support the love, peace and unity we yearn to see and experience. The Being and the Doing working together.

Do not fall back into complacency, sitting comfortably on your couch clicking angry emoticons while the world falls apart around you.

Learn to meditate.

Study the mystics and wisdom teachers. Study the sages and scientists who write about consciousness. Go within and follow the threads of your own bleeding soul wounds that are calling to be healed.

Go to therapy.

Sing, dance and reach for a better-feeling feeling.

Stand up for your own truth and integrity.

Donate time or money to causes and actions that better the world and humanity.

Practice civil disobedience if that is being called for.

Walk, march, stand strongly for your beliefs.

The call to awaken has sounded. Do not go back to sleep.

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